T-Mobile refill USA

A T-Mobile refill is safe and simple at Recharge.com. T-Mobile is the fourth largest provider in the USA with over 34 million users. The company originated in 1994 has offered its customers a large range of telecom products ever since. T-Mobile offers its customers prepaid options for making phone calls, sending text messages, and using the high-quality 4G network. The prepaid product is called Pay as you Go. Besides, the T-Mobile prepaid contact service is known as one of the best customer services in the USA.

How do I check my T-Mobile credit balance?

You can request your mobile phone credit balance wherever and whenever you like. You can do this by entering #999# into your phone and pressing the send button. The same can be done by entering #225#. In that case, you can view your current phone credit balance within seconds. These two services are free of charge.

How long is my T-Mobile phone credit valid?

The T-Mobile phone credit has limited validity. The validity of your credit depends on the refill amount. In general, the higher the refill amount, the longer the validity of the phone credit. After the respective validity time has expired, you cannot use the phone credit and you will have to get a new refill.

How do I contact the T-Mobile customer service?