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3 Ways to Send Money to Mexico Without a Money Transfer

Staying connected
3 Ways to Send Money to Mexico Without a Money Transfer
Staying connected

There’s more you can do for your loved ones in Mexico than a money transfer. Send mobile recharge, digital gift cards & more via Recharge.com

Want to send money to friends and family in Mexico? For a long time, traditional money transfers were the only option to support your loved ones. That makes sense because they’re simple – you transfer money to a bank account or send money to be collected in cash.

But money transfers aren’t always cheap, quick, or necessary. You can also support your friends and family in Mexico by covering specific expenses for them instantly online. There are many options but we’ll review three of the best ones – send mobile recharge, a digital gift card, or a prepaid credit card.

Here’s how sending digital value works.


#1: Send mobile recharge to Mexico

Over 80% of mobile subscriptions in Mexico are prepaid. If that applies to your family or friends’ subscriptions, then there’s a quick and easy way to support them without a money transfer. Simply send them call credit or recharge their bundle. It’s instant and you can do it from anywhere in the world, without going through the hassle of sending cash. On Recharge.com you can recharge any Telcel Mexico, Unefon, Movistar, Virgin Mobile, or AT&T Iusacell phone in Mexico. You only need to know the number of the person you’re recharging for. They’ll be ready to use their new phone credit within 30 seconds.


Our tip: If you’re planning to recharge someone’s mobile regularly, it’s easiest to do it via the Recharge.com app. It connects directly to your phone book, so you can recharge for any of your contacts in a few taps. And when you’re recharging for the same person again, you can do it directly from the app home screen, without filling in the phone number again.


Try the Recharge.com app for iOS or Android.

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#2: Send a Gift Card to Mexico

Sometimes you want to send a gift, rather than money. You can send one by post, but then you’d need to factor in shipping costs and delivery time. If you’re in a last-minute situation, or you’re not in the mood for sending packages, this option is for you. You can send a digital gift card to friends and family in Mexico. That might sound generic at first, but there’s such a diversity of gift cards out there that you can find the perfect match for anyone.

For your favorite gamer in Mexico, you can send a Nintendo eShop gift card from recharge.com. Make your gift more personal by getting a Nintendo Switch Online gift card instead. With a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you and your family in Mexico can play together (or against each other). You’ll also be able to chat in real time with the other players, using the Nintendo Switch Online app.

A Mario Kart family tournament, anyone?


#3: Send a Prepaid Credit Card to Mexico

Sometimes your friends and family need cash, rather than call credit or support with other expenses. In those cases, you can still support them without sending money to Mexico. Instead, you can send digital money, by means of a prepaid credit card. Available options include a Visa gift card, Mastercard gift card, or American Express gift card. Your loved ones can use these all-purpose gift cards everywhere Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted.

In other words, prepaid credit cards work like regular credit cards, minus the unexpected bills at the end of the month. And with no credit check required. What’s more, you can buy them in seconds and send them to your family instantly. They can start paying bills or making purchases right away.

Next time you wonder how to send money to Mexico, don’t think cash. Think digital.


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