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About Openbucks

Openbucks is a popular alternative payment method. Pay online in over 2,000 places across North America.

Getting an Openbucks gift card is fast, safe & simple at Recharge.com. Simply select the amount you need, enter your emailaddress and pay with PayPal or credit card. Your Openbucks code will be in your inbox in 30 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Openbucks code?

    To redeem your Openbucks code simply select Openbucks as payment method. Then enter your Openbucks code and PIN.

  • What is Openbucks?

    Openbucks is an alternative online payment method. It started as a way to pay with cash online. Sounds like magic? The process is simple, you buy an Openbucks gift card with cash in over 60.000 places across the US and use that gift card to pay online. Great if you don't have a bank account or credit card, or if you want to stay anonymous online.

    Now you can also get Openbucks gift card online and use them in over 2000 webshops and online services.

  • How can I check my Openbucks balance?

    You can check your Openbucks balance here.

  • How long is my Openbucks code valid for?

    Openbucks gift card codes are valid forever.

  • Can I buy Openbucks codes with PayPal?

    Yes! You can buy your Openbucks card with different methods such as PayPal or credit card.

  • How do I contact the Openbucks Customer service?

    You can reach the Openbucks Customer service online here.

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of Openbucks.

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