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Buy Lycamobile USA plans online

About Lycamobile USA

Purchase your Lycamobile recharge online at Recharge.com. Forget about running out of cellphone data or call credit. Simply choose the Lycamobile USA Pay As You Go credit amount you desire.


1. Choose your desired top-up amount.
2. Enter your correct phone number and email address. Double-check your phone number because we will use the phone number to send you your top-up.
3. Complete the payment for your Lycamobile recharge plan and you'll receive your new credit on your mobile phone in around 30 seconds.


Tip: check out the popular Lycamobile data plans, ranging from 2Gb to 7Gb, operating at 4G LTE speeds. These plans offer a great way to call, browse and text at an affordable monthly rate. Still running out of credit? Switch to a larger plan, or simply buy some additional Lycamobile credit online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to recharge Lycamobile online?

    Whether you are inside the US or abroad, Recharge.com can promptly top up your phone with a Lycamobile top-up. This is how you get your Lycamobile credit within 30 seconds:

    1. Choose your Lycamobile credit amount and the quantity.
    2. Complete the required fields, including the phone number and email address.
    3. Pay for your order and instantly get a Lycamobile recharge sent to your cell phone.
  • What is Lycamobile Unlimited?

    Do you often make calls to loved ones abroad? You might be interested in Lycamobile Unlimited. With this sim-based monthly plan, you've got unlimited data and international text and calls to 75+ countries at a 3Gb speed. Make sure to check if the offer applies to countries you often call.

  • How to check my Lycamobile balance?

    Not sure how much call credit you've still got? This is how you can check your balance:

    • Enter *101# / 94# on your phone, followed by the send button.
    • Call 1244 / 95# and follow the instructions.
  • How to check my Lycamobile Plan validity?

    The Lycamobile Unlimited Plans are valid for 30 days.

  • How to recharge Lycamobile from abroad?

    Recharge.com can quickly send a Lycamobile top-up to your phone when you are spending time outside of the US. How to obtain Lycamobile credit is as follows:

    1. Decide on the quantity and the amount of your Lycamobile USA credit.
    2. Fill out all required fields, including the contact information (phone and email). We use your email to send you your unique Lycamobile credit code.
    3. Pay for your order and an immediate Lycamobile recharge will be delivered to your mobile device.
  • How to contact Lycamobile?

    Lycamobile is easy to contact. Choose from the following ways to get in touch:

    • Call 1200 from your Lycamobile number in the United States.
    • Call 1-866-277-3221 from any phone.
    • Call 1-845-301-1612 from abroad.
    • Dial 612 from your Lycamobile.
  • Why can I only top up when I have a Lycamobile Bundle active?

    Due to a new update at Lycamobile, call credit topups will only process if you have an active Lycamobile bundle.

    If you do not have an active Lycamobile plan the call credit will fail to top up. Purchase one of the bundles by clicking on "Bundles" or "Data" above.

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions  of Lycamobile.

Due to a new update at Lycamobile, call credit topups will only process if you have an active Lycamobile bundle. 

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