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About Airvoice Wireless US

Is it time to recharge airvoice plan? Recharging mobile phones’ credit has never been easier!
Simply select airvoice refill plan and use one of our payment methods. You'll recieve the credit in 30 seconds.
Get your airvoice refill from recharge.com. It's fast, safe & simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to redeem my Airvoice wireless code?

    Recharge an Airvoice wireless plan in just a few simple steps:
    1. Go to the refill page.
    2. Enter your subscriber number (airvoice username) and PIN you received from us.
    3. Press Add Refill

  • How to check the available balance of Airvoice wireless code?

    There are two ways to check Airvoice wireless balance:

    Option 1: Dial 611 and follow the instructions to get balance and expiration information.
    Option 2: Dial *777# to check balance and new expiration date.

  • What is the expiry date of Airvoice wireless code credit?

    Different plans are valid for different durations. Please visit the Airvoice website >select the Plans header>click on the plan you’re interested to find out more information about the expiration date of refilling.

  • How do I contact the Airvoice wireless customer service?

    You can contact the Airvoice wireless customer service here.

Terms and conditions

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