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Fourth of July

3 Symbolic Fourth of July Gift Ideas To Celebrate Independence

Today, and any other day.

It’s not necessarily a tradition to exchange gifts on Independence Day, but we think it should be. Our forefathers fought hard for independence. We’ve had the privilege of receiving it as a gift. What better way to celebrate that gift than by paying it forward?

There are many people you can make happy with an Independence Day gift. Are you invited to a Fourth of July party? Surprise the host or hostess with a symbolic gesture. Do you know someone in need? Help them celebrate independence by sharing your good fortunes. Or be spontaneous and give a gift to someone you care for, with no other reason than being proud of this country and each other. 

Whatever your recipient, you can’t go wrong with these fourth of July gift ideas.

#1: A shopping gift card for an American business

Of all days, the fourth of July is the best one to be proud of our success as a nation. During the last decades, we’ve built global businesses that are now household names across all continents and set the tone for business innovation and growth. By choosing to shop with them, you can share and support that success. 

This Independence Day, give a patriotic gift with a shopping gift card for a loved American brand. There’s plenty to choose from! Starbucks is a hands-down classic (they even have 4th of July specials). And who can say no to an Amazon gift card or the opportunity to shop at Macy’s or Home Depot? 

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4th of July

#2: A Uber gift card for traveling in independence

We all have that one friend or family member who can’t drive (or really shouldn’t). And beyond that, you can probably think of someone you know who can’t afford a car. You can make them happy and give them independence with something as simple as a Uber gift card. Choose a value between USD 25 and USD 100. They can use it as a payment method in the Uber app to get rides anytime, without having to ask for favors. 

Not only is a Uber card a great symbolic gift for Independence Day, but it’s also a good idea for any other day when you want to stay in control of what you spend. When you pay for your rides with a Uber gift card, you’ll never get unpleasant surprises when your credit card bill arrives. That sort of control is a great gift for yourself, not only on Independence Day.

#3: A game card for independence from subscriptions

With so many subscription services these days, it’s difficult to stay on top of monthly spendings. And are you really using all these subscriptions? If you’re not, you’re not alone. Help someone celebrate Independence Day this year by freeing them from subscriptions. Well, at least some of them. 

For the gamer in your life, get them a prepaid Xbox Live Gold membership, a Nintendo Switch Online membership, or a PlayStation Plus membership. They can enjoy it for a fixed period - from 1 month to 12 months, depending on the gaming gift card you go for. At the end of that period, there’s no automatic renewal, so they are free to choose whether they want to continue the subscription or stop. 

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Celebrate independence any day

Fourth of July is once a year, but independence is ours every day. So it’s always a good moment to support American businesses and our loved ones.  

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