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Mexico Black Friday: How to make the most of it

Mexico Black Friday: How to make the most of it

Do you know El Buen Fin? If you love shopping deals, you should! Read our tips to find the best deals and avoid overspending.

In mid-November, Mexico Black Friday deals will take over Mexico, in physical and online stores. We all love a good deal. To help you make the most of the discounts this year, we’ve put together some tips for you. From finding the best deals to keeping your spending in check.

What is Mexico Black Friday?

Locally known as El Buen Fin, it started in 2011 and is a Mexico-wide shopping event. The original intention of organizing it was to stimulate the Mexican economy and support Mexican families with the opportunity to buy a variety of goods with a considerable discount. Originally, El Buen Fin was a weekend event, but in recent years it has been extended and it currently lasts almost an entire week. This much time to shop is a great opportunity to stock up on things you need. But it also contains the risk of spending too much. Here are our tips to make the most of your Mexico Black Friday shopping this year, without breaking the bank.

Tip #1: Check the deals beforehand

The good news about Mexico Black Friday is that there is an overview of most deals in one place. Go El Buen Fin! Check out which online stores offer El Buen Fin deals in 2021. In the same website you’ll also find a list of participating physical stores, in case you’re planning a trip to Mexico in November and want to benefit from in-store shopping deals. It’s important to be prepared in order to avoid searching for deals last-minute. That makes you more likely to miss something and can turn the whole experience a bit more stressful.

Tip #2: Consider service discounts

Usually, when people think of Mexico Black Friday, they think of sales on physical products – e.g. clothing or household items. However, make sure to consider discounts on services as well. They can be a good opportunity to support family back in Mexico.
For example, there are often El Buen Fin Telcel deals (or deals by other mobile operators). There’s even a special offer on Recharge.com itself! If you recharge Telcel, AT&T Iusacell, Movistar, or Unefon call credit for 200 MXN or more between 8 Nov and 22 Nov 2021, you automatically get 50 MXN BONUS call credit! Consider all the services and platforms you use regularly, and check whether they’re offering any special deals this year.

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Tip #3: Make a list of what you need

Shopping events such as Mexico Black Friday are great but they also often lead us to spend more than we intend to. You can easily avoid that by making a list beforehand of all the things you need or want. That will give focus to your shopping experience. It will also make it easier to exercise self-control. To make the shopping list a fun experience, you can use a list-making app such as Todoist or similar. That way you can add to your list and refer to it anytime, anywhere. Experiment with organizing your list in terms of topics or priorities to make it even more fun.

Tip #4: Don’t pay with your credit card

Yes, really. When shopping during Mexico Black Friday, your credit card can feel like your best friend. However, it’s also the payment method that’s most likely to lead to overspending. If you want to make sure that your Mexico Black Friday shopping experience doesn’t put you in debt, consider using an alternative payment method to a credit card. For example, you can decide on a budget for El Buen Fin and put it on a prepaid credit card. With a prepaid credit card, you can pay online or offline, but you can’t overspend.

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Kristina Kalpaklieva