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A US or a Mexican SIM card: Which is the best for you?

A US or a Mexican SIM card: Which is the best for you?

Travelling, studying or living in the US? What's the best choice - keeping your Mexican SIM card or getting an US one? Use this short guide to find out.

Planning a trip to the US? Or maybe you've just moved here to study or for work. Either way, you'll want to stay in contact with friends and family back home.

But what's the best way to stay in contact? Should you keep your Mexican SIM card or should you get a US SIM? The answer depends on your circumstances. Do you use your phone just to call home, or will you use it for study or work in the US as well? How long are you staying and how often do you go back to Mexico? All questions whose answers lead you to either keeping your Mexican SIM or getting a US one.

This short guide gives you all you need to know to make your choice. Keep on reading to find out.

Reasons to keep your Mexican SIM card

First of all, your Mexican SIM card will still work in the US. You can still call home and receive calls without problems. The question of course is how expensive all of this is.

The first thing you'll want to check is how expensive it is with your provider to call from the US to Mexico. Different providers have different tarrifs, but many Mexican providers such as Telcel have equal tarrifs between the US and Mexico. This means that if you only use your phone to call home, you're not paying anything extra. In that case, it's better to keep your Mexican SIM card.

The other big thing to keep in mind is how long you're staying in the US. Only there for a short while? In that case it might not be worth the hassle to get an US SIM card.

Another good reason to keep a Mexican SIM card is if you travel back to Mexico a lot. Keep going back and forth between the two countries? In that case the benefits of having an US SIM card may be useless every time you return to Mexico.

Reasons to get a US SIM card

Like we stated above, different Mexican providers offer different tarrifs between the US and Mexico. Before you make a decision check the tarrifs of your current provider. If they charge a lot in the US it's worth considering getting a US SIM or changing to a different Mexican provider.

What are the biggest reasons to get a US SIM card? In short, staying in the US for a long time and using your phone a lot, especially for internet.

If you're staying in the US for a long time and plan to use your phone for work, it's definitely worth it to look at getting a US SIM card. Even when you don't pay anything extra to phone back home, you might still be charged extra when you call another US phone.

The other good reason to get a US SIM phone is if you're planning to use the internet a lot on your phone. Roaming costs are no joke, and can be easily avoided with a US SIM card.

So there you have it, the reasons to keep your Mexican SIM card or get an US SIM card. Have you decided to get a US SIM card? Then look below to find out which SIM card is perfect for you.

Best US SIM card for you

One of the better options among US providers to choose is SIMPLE mobile. This is because they have the same rates between the US, Mexico and even Canada. Meaning you'll never worry about being charged extra for calling or texting. And you'll have a US phone number to use locally for school or work.

Another benefit? You can top up your Simple prepaid SIM card the fast, safe & simple way on Recharge.com. Or check out all the other available providers here.