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Switching from contract to prepaid

Staying connected
Switching from contract to prepaid
Staying connected

Take advantage of cheaper, more flexible deals by switching to a prepaid mobile deal. Here’s the ultimate guide on why to switch.

In the ever-evolving world of mobile phone plans, many people opt to switch from contract-based plans to prepaid options. The change offers greater control, flexibility, and cost savings. If you’re considering switching to prepaid, you should know a few key things. This article will explore the benefits and considerations of switching from a contract-based mobile phone plan to a prepaid one. Let’s dive in!


Why to switch

There are some key reasons why to switch to prepaid instead of contract. You can have more cost control, paying only for what you need. The flexibility is also more significant once long-term contracts or commitments do not bind you. And you can also control usage, monitoring how much you’re spending and how many minutes, texts or data you have left. 


Good to know before switching from contract to prepaid

So you’ve decided to switch from contract to prepaid, now what?

  • Make sure that the chosen provider offers reliable service where you live, work and travel most frequently;
  • Be aware of early termination fees. There are some times that quitting a contract can be expensive, so make sure you are mindful of all the details;
  • Evaluate your usage patterns to determine how much data, minutes and texts you need. Search for prepaid plans that align with your usage requirements. You can use a calculator to do that;
  • Check if your mobile phone isn’t locked. Some phones can only be used for the provider you got them from. So it’s easier to make sure you have an unlocked phone. It can take up to 20 days to get the unlock codes, but the good thing is that it is for free. 
  • You can switch without changing your phone number. But keep in mind that is important not to cancel your old contract until your number has been ported across the new provider.


How to switch to prepaid

If you’re out of contract, you can cancel your bill pay account and switch to prepaid for free. Remember, your contract doesn’t automatically cancel at the end date. It will just roll over, so you’ll need to give notice 30 days before to cancel.

Switching to AT&T Pay-As-You-Go

Switching to Lycamobile Pay-As-You-Go

  • Call on 1-866-277-3221.

Switching to T-mobile Pay-As-You-Go

Switching from a contract-based mobile phone plan to a prepaid one can have many benefits. The ability to control costs, enjoy flexibility, avoid credit checks, eliminate long-term commitments, and control usage are compelling reasons to switch. However, assessing your individual needs and comparing the available prepaid plans in your area is essential before deciding. Considering these factors, you can confidently switch to a prepaid plan and enjoy its advantages.

Once you switch to prepaid, you can quickly and easily top up AT&T, Lycamobile and T-Mobile at Recharge.com. You can also check all the providers and choose the one that suits you best!


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