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Help during hurricane season? Send top up (& more tips)

Staying connected
Help during hurricane season? Send top up (& more tips)
Staying connected

The Atlantic hurricane season is here again. Want to send top up to friends and family in Mexico and Latin America? Check out this guide and find out how!

The Atlantic hurricane season starts (every year) on June 1st and ends on November 30th. The tendency is that each season matches or exceeds the storm activity of previous years. In 2021, hurricane Grace caused a great deal of damage in Mexico and Latin America. Luckily, there are simple ways to help during hurricane season. Wherever the people you want to help are. 


Helping family and friends prepare for a hurricane

If you are living in an area that is affected by the hurricane season, there are many things that you can do to prepare. If you have loved ones living there, you will want to help them prepare and stay safe. Staying in touch and being able to call one another with updates (or being able to reach emergency services) is of course very important. To send top up is to help instantly.

Send top up from anywhere in the world

To send top up to those living in Mexico, Latin America or the United States is a great way to help from abroad. This way you can support your family and friends, even when they are not able to obtain or afford a mobile phone top-up. We are here to make it possible for you to send phone credit from anywhere in the world.

How can you help loved ones in hurricane-prone locations?

It can be difficult (or impossible) to get to shops or to obtain necessary medication when the area that you live in is struck by a hurricane. Before the ones you love need to stay in their home, you can make sure they are well stocked and prepared. Remind them to order or buy over the counter medication, to make sure they have well functioning phone chargers and remind them to get an emergency prepaid sim card for any phone.
Ask them for details such as their mobile phone carrier and family phone numbers. These details will come in very handy if you want to stay in touch. Or, if you want to send top up to them from anywhere.,

Help out from afar

From pet supplies and toiletries to canned food, hygiene products and backup charging devices to some candles, bottled water and more, your loved ones may need it. You can ask your friends or family in the US or in Mexico to create a list of things that you can order online for them. Online stores like Amazon offer a wide range of delivery options. Don’t have a credit card to pay for online shopping? Pay the easy way with one of the prepaid credit cards that we offer. Another great way to help loved ones during hurricane season is sending them a gift code or store credit.

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Stay connected

People living in areas in Mexico, Latin America or the US that may get affected by hurricanes can feel a little helpless and afraid. Remind them that there are a few things they can do to make themselves feel better prepared and safer. Make sure to send top up to them to keep them connected at all times. We offer a quick, safe and easy way to send your loved ones the phone credit they need.
Tip: texting is better than calling and helps to keep the phone network stable during times of disasters.

Practical things your loved ones can do

Sometimes you can help during hurricane season also by providing practical advice from a distance. Cleaning out drains, removing garden furniture, tagging their pets with contact details and keeping copies of important insurance and ID documents in a packed weekend bag are some examples. Ask your loved ones to download the FEMA app for prepping information and weather alerts. It is important to have an evacuation plan and some bags packed with necessities. Especially if they live in a potential evacuation zone. It can be wise to have a small bag with important items stashed away in the trunk of their car.

Donating your data

Donating your phone data is a great way to help out those affected by one of the hurricanes predicted for 2021. The American Red Cross and the Mexican red Cross accept phone and data donations by text, phone or mail. Phone carriers such as T-Mobile started their preparations for the 2021 hurricane season early. Their website (as well as the website for the National Hurricane Center) will offer up-to-date reports on the current weather situation, phone network outages and more.

Send top up quickly

Want to send gift cards, store credit, or send top up? Simply buy a digital top-up code for a loved one here. The top-up code will (depending on the carrier) be mailed to you immediately, to pass on to the recipient. Or the phone credit will be sent instantly to the recipients’ phone. We make it possible to do this from anywhere in the world. For phones with sim cards from a wide range of phone operators and carriers.

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