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How to Recharge Any Cell Phone in Mexico

Staying connected
How to Recharge Any Cell Phone in Mexico
Staying connected

Never worry about running out of call credit again. There’s an easy way to recharge any prepaid Mexican cell phone, and you’ve found it.

If you’re here, you’re looking for an easy way to recharge a Mexican phone. Before we show you the easiest one, let’s get a few misconceptions out of the way first:
  • No, you don’t need to find an open store to buy mobile recharge for your prepaid cell phone;
  • No, you don’t need to be in Mexico in order to recharge your Mexican phone;
  • And no, you don’t need to have a Mexican debit or credit card in order to add minutes to a Mexican cell phone.
You can now easily top up call credit, data, or bundles for any prepaid phone in the world without getting up from your seat. Wherever in the world that seat is based. Here’s how it works.

Option 1: Recharge a Mexican phone online

You can send minutes to a prepaid Mexican SIM card directly from the Recharge.com website. Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Select a Mexican cell phone carrier. You can choose between Telcel Mexico, Unefon, Movistar, AT&T Iusacell, and Virgin Mobile.
  2. Select the mobile recharge you want. Call credit, data or bundles? You name it, we have it. Once you’ve made your choice, click ‘Order’.
  3. Enter the Mexican phone number you want to recharge. Make sure you provide a correct Mexican number. That’s where we’ll send the mobile recharge directly.
  4. Pay securely with your favorite payment method. Choose to pay with PayPal, credit card, Alipay, JBC & more. You don’t need a Mexican debit or credit card, or a Mercado Pago account. That’s handy if you’re recharging a Mexican phone from outside Mexico.

Is your payment complete? We’ll send your mobile recharge directly to the phone number you provided. You’ll be ready to call in just a minute. That’s how you recharge a cell phone in Mexico! Not easy enough? There’s an even faster option.

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Option 2: Recharge a cell phone in Mexico via the Recharge.com app

If you recharge cell phones in Mexico regularly, or you’re just a fan of things being as fast and simple as they can, then you should try the Recharge.com app. Watch this video on how to send minutes to a Mexican phone with the app:

Or read below:
  1. Download the Recharge.com app for iOS or Android.
  2. Enter a number or select a carrier. If you enter a Mexican phone number, the app will detect its mobile carrier automatically and show you relevant product options. You can also tap ‘Select a carrier’, and choose from Movistar, Unefon, AT&T Iusacell, Virgin Mobile, or Telcel Mexico recharge.
  3. Choose your mobile recharge. This is where you pick the type and amount of recharge you want – from call credit to mobile data and bundles. Once you pick your product, you can still enter the Mexican phone number you want to recharge, if you haven’t done so in the previous step.
  4. Pay securely with 56+ payment methods. From PayPal to Alipay and more, you decide how you prefer to pay for your mobile recharge. You can even select a different currency from our list of 60+ global currencies.
That’s it! Your mobile recharge is sent directly to the Mexican prepaid phone number you provided. To recharge the same number again, just reopen the app and you can re-order with a quick tap from the home screen.

Can you buy mobile recharge for Mexico with USD?

Yes. Whether you’re buying mobile recharge via the recharge.com website or the Recharge.com app, you can pay in any currency you prefer. Simply select USD, Mexican pesos, EUR or any other global currency during checkout. The choice is yours.

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Kristina Kalpaklieva