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Online T-Mobile prepaid refill: here’s how it works

Staying connected
Online T-Mobile prepaid refill: here’s how it works
Staying connected

Find out how to get your T-Mobile refill fast, safely and securely online or in the Recharge.com app.

T-Mobile is one of the largest and dependable phone carriers in the US, offering 5G, wide coverage, great data speeds and affordable phone plans for anyone’s needs.

T-Mobile offers three unlimited plans, in addition to family plans and phone plans for seniors. Using one of the prepaid plans (Essentials, Magenta or Magenta Max) on offer helps you stay in control of your budget while using the network offered by this reputable carrier.


The easy way to get your T-Mobile prepaid refill

Finding yourself running out of prepaid data during your commute or abroad can be annoying. Getting your T-Mobile top up on the go is easier and faster on Recharge.com.

Simply choose the amount you need for your T-Mobile prepaid recharge, pay for your refill, and you’re ready to call, chat or browse in a matter of seconds. Want to support friends or family by sending them a T-Mobile prepaid refill? No problem.


Here’s how it works:

Getting your T-Mobile top up is quick, safe and easy on Recharge.com. Follow the steps below and you’re back in touch on your phone:

  1. Go to the T-Mobile prepaid recharge.com page.
  2. Choose your T-Mobile prepaid refill amount, starting from 10 USD. Tap Order Safely.
  3. Pay any way you want. With over 23 payment options to choose from you won’t need a US bank or credit card to buy your refill. Handy if you live abroad, or if you want to buy your T-Mobile prepaid refill from any worldwide location.

We’ll send your T-Mobile top up directly to the phone number you provide during the order process. You’ll also receive a confirmation email in your inbox after completing your order.

Buy T-Mobile Prepaid Plans ✓ Refills from $10 to $100 ✓ Receive your mobile top-up code instantly by email ✓ More than 23 safe payment methods



(Re)order your T-Mobile top up faster with our app

The Recharge.com app for iOS and Android enables you to repeat order, place new orders and buy phone credit and more for yourself or for loved ones in a few seconds. Track your orders and set handy top up reminders in the app. Simply download the app onto your phone and get your T-Mobile prepaid refill whenever, wherever:

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Select T-Mobile and the amount you need.
  3. Pay securely and safely with over 23 payment methods in 60+ currencies.
  4. Done!


Send a T-Mobile prepaid recharge to someone else

Make it easier to stay connected by sending a T-Mobile prepaid refill to a loved one. It’s easy and fast to send a top up directly to someone else; from our website or with the app. Siimply fill in the recipient’s phone number during the ordering process and they will receive the recharge directly on their phone.


Redeeming your T-Mobile prepaid recharge code

When you buy your T-Mobile recharge via Recharge.com or the Recharge.com app, you don’t need to do anything extra, as your recharge will be automatically added to the phone number you provide us during checkout. However, if you have a T-Mobile prepaid refill code from elsewhere and you’re wondering how to redeem it, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Dial *ADD (*233), you are connected with the T-Mobile credit recharge center and can redeem your code.
  2. Open your T-Mobile app and tap Refill, tap Billing and Refill, tap Amount Needed to Renew, choose Redeem a Refill Card, enter the T-Mobile refill code.
  3. Done!

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Kristina Kalpaklieva