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What can you buy with a Google Play Gift Card?

What can you buy with a Google Play Gift Card?

Ideas for spending your Google Play Gift Card ✓ Buy subscriptions, ebooks, games and more ✓ Available from EUR 5 on recharge.com

If you’ve received a , or considering it as a gift for someone, it’s handy to know what you can buy with it. Here are our suggestions for spending your Google Play credit.

1. Pay for subscriptions with your Google Play gift card

You might be surprised to learn that you can pay for your YouTube Premium subscription using your Google Play gift card. To do that, just redeem your Google Play gift card directly on YouTube.

And that’s not all. Your Google Play gift card is essentially a payment method. Like any debit card, credit card, or , you can add it to your Google Pay account. All you need to do is redeem your gift card. Its value will then show in your Google Pay profile as Google Play balance.

Use this balance to pay for many subscriptions that accept Google Pay. YouTube Premium is just one idea. Or, you could get an upgrade of your personal Google account to Google One. Possibilities are endless. Dare to think beyond the Google Play Store.

Good to know: Your Google Play balance is a payment method, but it’s not cash. And it can’t be converted to cash. That means it won’t work for all payments via Google Pay – e.g. you can’t use it in physical shops that accept Google Pay. The best way to know if it works for a specific case is to try.

2. Buy or rent movies with your Google Play gift card

You can use your Google Play gift card to get the latest movies or TV shows from the Google Play Store UK. If you’re not in the mood to buy, you can also rent them. Rental periods may vary, though. To be sure, check the Additional Information section of your movie or show before you finalise your rental.

Our tip: Share your purchased or rented content with up to 5 family members by signing up for Google Play Family Library. It works via your Google Play Store App. Just tap Menu, then Account > Family > Sign up for Family Library. You’ll need to create a family group if you don’t have one already. Either way, you’ll be ready to share the fun in a few minutes.

3. Buy ebooks with your Google Play gift card


The Google Play Store is an endless source of entertainment. Its huge ebook selection will help you turn your Google Play credit into hours of literary joy. Pick from various categories, including sports books, children’s books or nonfiction. Hot upcoming titles are also often available for pre-order.

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the books on Google Play aren’t compatible with Kindle devices. You can read them on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. E-reader devices such as Sony eReader and Barnes & Noble Nook are also OK. To read your ebook on one of them, follow the instructions in the Google Play Store.

There's a lot you can do with a Google Play gift card. Give it a try now!

4. Make in-app purchases with your Google Play gift card


Want to try Roblox Piggy or get some Roblox Robux without a credit card? Secretly dreaming of a Candy Crush voucher? Google Play gift card is the answer to all your in-game and in-app prayers. Use your Google Play credit for any in-game purchase – be it Minecraft coins, Pokecoins or Roblox Robux.

Interesting for parents: Children under 13 can’t hold a Google Pay account. They can only make (in-app) purchases on Google Play via the family payment method. To allow them some gaming budget and keep it limited, use a Google Play gift card as the family payment method in your Google account. This way you’ll make sure your child only uses the amount on the gift card. And you’ll retain visibility of all their purchases at all times.

5. Buy premium apps with your Google Play gift card


Many apps on the Google Play store are paid, or require a monthly/yearly subscription. Think fitness apps (e.g. Freeletics), productivity apps (e.g. Evernote), or creative apps (e.g. Camscanner).

You can buy those with your Google Play credit. It’s the perfect way to try out an app membership without using a credit card. If you like it, you can keep paying for it with another Google Play gift card. And you can nudge someone else towards a membership by getting them a Google Play card online.
For Pokemon GO fans, it’s good to know that you can buy your tickets for the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 (17-18 July) directly within the app. And you can pay for them using a Google Play gift card.

Using a Google Play Gift Card in Another Country


You can only use your Google Play gift card to buy content sold in the same currency as the gift card. So, if you buy a gift card in EUR, you can only use it for purchases in EUR. That’s perfect if you’re making a gift to someone in Italy – just buy a Google Play gift card online and you’re done.

To make a gift to someone abroad, it’s better to get them a Google Play card in their currency. For example, if they’re based in the UK, get them a Google Play gift card in GBP. You can do that easily on Recharge.com – just select UK as your country at the top right corner of your screen. Now you’ll receive a Google Play code redeemable in the UK.

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