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Gift card code not received: What should I do?

Gift card code not received: What should I do?

Gift card not received? Discover solutions, tips, and preventive measures. Learn about your rights and find assistance.

A digital gift card is basically a prepaid debit card loaded with a specific amount of money. Entertainment vouchers and gaming vouchers are a popular choice for last-minute presents. Many people also use gift cards as a way to manage their own spending better. 

When you buy a digital gift card, the code should arrive in your inbox within moments of purchase. If it doesn’t, you should look into this straight away. This post guides you through potential issues and explains what action you can take. 


Reasons for not receiving the gift card code

Several things could stop a gift card code reaching your inbox:

Technical issues

Sometimes, system glitches or an unusually high volume of orders can cause delays. Delays are more likely in high-traffic periods like the run-up to Christmas. 

Wrongly-entered email 

Sometimes customers make a mistake when entering their email address – a simple typo here will lead to non-delivery.


Scammers sometimes impersonate legitimate sites like Recharge. Always check the URL carefully before clicking a link. And never follow any instructions given to you over the phone if you’re not 100% sure who you’re speaking to. 


What to do when you don’t receive a gift card code

If you find yourself in this predicament, here are some practical steps to follow: 

Check your email spam or junk folder

Sometimes automated emails, like those containing gift card codes, are wrongly flagged as spam. Check your spam/junk folder to see if the code has ended up in there. If you find it, click ‘Report as not spam’ or similar in your email app, then move the email into your main inbox. 

If you bought the gift card for someone else, ask the recipient to check their spam folder.

Check the transaction

Check your bank account or PayPal account to see if the payment went through. If there’s no record of the payment, your order may not have completed. 

Contact the retailer

If you still haven’t resolved the issue, contact customer service at the retailer you bought the gift card from. Here is the link for a leading retailer: Recharge customer service.


Tips for preventing future gift card issues 

To mitigate the risk of future mishaps, consider the following tips:

  • Double check email address input: always verify your email address when entering it.
  • Update your safe sender list: add the email addresses of trusted gift card retailers to your contact list or safe sender list.
  • Check the URL: ensure you’re on the correct, official website. Look for signs of legitimacy, such as secure connection indicators (https://) and correct spelling in the URL.
  • Enable notifications or alerts: you may need to opt-in for order confirmations and delivery updates. This will provide real-time information about your purchase.
  • Be cautious of suspicious emails or websites: never provide personal information to unverified sources. Legitimate companies will not ask for sensitive details via email.
    Trusted platforms like recharge.com are fully-secure. However, vigilance is key. Always ensure you’re interacting with the official site and directly reach out to their support team for any issues.


Know your rights

When you buy a digital gift card, you are entering into a contract with the retailer or service provider. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, digital content must be of satisfactory quality, fit for a particular purpose, and as described by the seller. If the digital gift card code you’ve purchased does not arrive as expected, these laws provide a framework for seeking redress.

Firstly,  you have the right to ask for a resend of the code or a full refund. This is based on the principle that the service—delivering the code—has not been provided within a reasonable time or as described. Make sure you keep any confirmation emails or transaction receipts. These can serve as proof of purchase and are often required when seeking a resolution.

If the non-delivery is due to technical issues on the retailer’s side, they are obligated to rectify the situation. This could mean reissuing the code or offering an alternative solution. If you suspect fraud, you should immediately report the incident to the retailer involved. You should also inform the police. This not only helps in recovering any lost funds but also helps prevent similar fraud against others.

Always check the terms and conditions related to gift card purchases on the retailer’s website to understand your rights. 


When you buy a gift card from Recharge.com

When you buy from Recharge.com, we expressly ask you to waive your right of withdrawal. This is because the code is sent immediately. Once sent, we cannot control whether it has been used or not.

Do you think the code we sent you is incorrect? Send us written proof from the provider (e.g. Spotify or PlayStation). With this proof, we can issue a new code for you.


Written by

Joel Stein