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Find the best prepaid credit card for you [QUIZ]

Safety online
Find the best prepaid credit card for you [QUIZ]
Safety online

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid cards – and find the best prepaid credit card for you!

A prepaid credit card, also known as a top-up credit card, is easy and immediate in its use. There is no complicated application process. You buy the prepaid card with a chosen amount of money on it, spend the money and top it up again when needed. Or you just purchase a new card or money voucher code.

The best prepaid credit card for you is a card that is easy and safe to use and to top-up, and suitable for your payment needs; whether it be paying for online entertainment, online or offline shopping, game credit, online gambling or a trip.

We’re here to help you choose the best prepaid card with a quick quiz. Answer a few questions, and you’ll be presented with a few suggestions.

You’ve got a better idea of the best prepaid options for you now. Let’s find out more about top-up credit cards and how they work.


What is a prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card is preloaded with an amount of money on it. When you buy the best reloadable credit card for your needs, you decide the amount of money that you want to put on it. This top-up credit card is flexible to use, you top up online in seconds when you need to, and you don’t need any type of credit check to buy one.

This makes this type of card a great alternative to a regular credit card – especially if you don’t want (or can’t get) a regular credit card. The fact that you do not have to give out any personal details (such as your bank account details) when paying with a prepaid card, makes reloadable cards a popular choice for online shopping.

There are prepaid cards that are used exactly the way you would use a regular credit card. The bonus to using a prepaid card is the fact that the card is not linked to your bank account. And you can keep your personal details private when paying with this type of card. Prepaid cards can be gifted to others, even by email.


Types of prepaid cards

From prepaid credit cards that can be used offline as well as online, to digital money codes that can only be used online; there is a wide range of options to choose from. Explore all available prepaid credit cards on Recharge.com.


Where can you use a prepaid credit card

The choice is yours when it comes to paying online with prepaid cards. However, the best prepaid card for online shopping in general, is a card that is widely accepted by merchants.

Read the detailed information with the prepaid cards on offer on Recharge.com to check if your favourite online stores accept your chosen prepaid cards.

Physical prepaid cards can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted, even abroad. Digital cards with a VISA or MasterCard logo are accepted in any online store that accepts regular credit cards.


The advantages and disadvantages of using a prepaid card

As with any financial payment options, it’s good to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of (even) the best prepaid credit cards available. We’ve listed them for you;

The advantages of using a prepaid credit card:

  • It’s safer to pay online, all you need is your prepaid card code.
  • Your card is not linked to your bank details or bank account. Losing your card or code does not mean losing all your money.
  • Lower the risk of overspending, by setting aside a budgeted amount of money on your prepaid credit card (for food, shopping or entertainment, for example).
  • Carrying a prepaid card is safer than carrying cash.
  • Buying or topping up a prepaid card is easy, fast and safe on Recharge.com.

The disadvantages of using a prepaid credit card:

  • Not all prepaid cards can be used offline in physical shops, choose your card wisely.
  • Make sure that your favourite shops do accept your chosen card.
  • You don’t build up interest on money stored on your card.
  • You may pay fees, for example for taking cash out with your card.

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Kristina Kalpaklieva