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What is a payment card?

A payment card is a safe payment method that lets you enjoy all the benefits of a credit card without the hassle. There are plenty of reasons to use prepaid payment cards, including:

  • As the name suggests, they are prepaid. That makes them a great way to keep your budget under control - you cannot overspend with a prepaid card.

  • Prepaid payment cards offer extra security and privacy when paying online, as you need to share much less information than with a traditional credit card.

On Recharge.com, we offer many different reloadable payment cards, so you can choose the best payment card for you.

Which is the best payment card for me?

Which payment card should you use? That depends on what you want to use it for. Some payment cards can only be used on specific websites, while others are accepted widely online & offline, like a generic credit card. Payment cards also differ in the ease of use - e.g. some cards require you to make an account (e-wallet), while others are ready to use without an account. On each product page you will find detailed information about where each card is accepted, how to use it, and anything else you should know, so you can make the best choice for yourself.

Where to buy a payment card online in Mexico?

It's easy to buy a payment card online here on Recharge.com. Choose from a large global assortment of single-use payment cards and reloadable prepaid cards, including Astropay. Ready with your choice? Order with these simple steps:

  1. Select a product.

  2. Decide how much money to load on your card.

  3. Enter the email address where you want to receive your prepaid code.

  4. Pay with your preferred payment method.

That's it! Your payment card code or top-up code will be in your email within seconds.

How to reload a payment card?

You can easily reload your payment card by buying a top-up code online on Recharge.com. Ordering is fast, safe and simple, and you'll have your code in your inbox within seconds.

The email containing your code also contains simple redeem instructions. Follow them to reload your card and start paying safely online within no time.

Read more about payment cards and online safety in our Blog.

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