Payment Methods

You can pay with the payment methods specified below. More payment methods will be added in the near future.


VISA and Mastercard
When you want to pay with VISA or Mastercard, you start by filling out your billing address after selecting either MasterCard or VISA Creditcard. The actual payment process will start, as soon as you click on the "Save and continue" button. After a successful payment, your phone credit will be refilled automatically. You can pay with a VISA Credit Card, VISA Debit Card (including VISA Delta and VISA Electron) or Mastercard.


Online payment using PayPal is hugely popular worldwide. PayPal has been operating as an intermediary for online and mobile payments since 1999. On, you can also pay using PayPal. When choosing a payment method, just select the PayPal option. At the next step, you simply login to your PayPal account and confirm your payment. The payment will be processed immediately. When the transaction has been completed, the credit will be refilled.


In order to make a payment through iDEAL, first select your own bank and click on "Save and continue" in the shopping cart. The online payment system of your bank will now appear. Upon successful completion of the payment, your mobile phone credit will be instantly added to the telephone number stated.


Bancontact / Mister Cash
Since 1979, payment system Mister Cash has been a widely used payment method in Belgium. Nowadays you can also use Mister Cash for electronic payments. In the payment options section, you select Mister Cash, click "Save and continue" and simply fill in the requested data, upon which payment will be initiated. A successful payment will be processed immediately.


SOFORT Überweisung
SOFORT Überweisung is one of the most commonly used payment methods in Germany. Simply choose Sofort and make your payment through SOFORT’s secure internet connection. This is handled via the online banking environment of your own bank. Payment will be processed immediately upon a completed and successful transaction.


The German banking industry has developed the Giropay payment system especially for online bank transfers. When making a payment, you will be directed to the online banking environment of your own bank, where you can confirm your payment. If your payment was successful, it will be processed instantly.


Maestro debit card
At you can easily pay with a Maestro debit card. Simply select the payment method Maestro and fill out your debit card details. If your payment was successful, the refill will be processed instantly.


Carte Bancaire
At you can pay with Carte Bancaire, a popular (debit) payment method in France. If you choose Carte Bancaire as a payment method, you can use your credit card. Simply fill out your details and go through the process to complete your payment. As soon as your payment has been successful, your phone credit will be refilled.


EPS is one of the most popular payment methods in Austria and makes online shopping easier. Choose EPS as a payment method and select your bank. Enter your PIN and TAN to confirm the payment in a secure online payment environment. When we have received your payment, your phone credit will be refilled immediately.


American Express
American Express is one of the most used payment methods in America. That’s why you can pay with this credit card on when you choose American Express at checkout. Once your payment has been successful, the call credit will be immediately refilled.


JCB is the only international payment brand located in Japan. The way they work is trusted by users worldwide. Do you prefer paying with JCB? Choose JCB as a payment method and continue the payment process. The call credit will be refilled right after the transaction has been completed.


Diners Club International
Diners Club International is part of NYSE: DFS, one of the most well-known payment brands in the US. You can pay worldwide with your Diners Club Card, including at Pick Diners as your payment method and pay securely.


Discover is the brand behind Visa, MasterCard and American Express and has more than 44 million cardholders. Are you one of them? If you are, choose Discover as your payment method at checkout. Upon a completed transaction, the call credit will be refilled.


Dotpay is an online payment method which you can use to pay safe and fast. It’s one of the most popular payment methods in Poland. When you’re ready to pay, pick Dotpay at the checkout.


POLi is a safe and fast debit payment method en is most commonly used in Australia. Choose POLi as your payment method and follow the simple steps to complete your payment. That’s all it takes!