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How to pay for Netflix without a credit card

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How to pay for Netflix without a credit card
Digital lifestyle

In this article we’ll look at how to pay for Netflix without a credit card and why it’s a good idea.

Get cosy on the sofa and binge-watch your favourite shows without worrying about recurring payments. Read on for our top tips on how to pay for Netflix without a credit card.


Why it’s a good idea not to pay for Netflix (or other subscriptions) by credit card

The best approach to online security is to play your cards close to chest. Give away as little information as possible.

For example, you don’t need to give out your credit card details for every subscription. You can pay for most online services with prepaid cards and gift cards, without having to share your banking details at all.

If fewer companies have your card details, it’s less likely they’ll be stolen.

Prepaying can also help if you’re trying to stick to a budget. When you pay for everything by credit card, it’s easy to lose track of subscriptions and pay for services you no longer use. But you won’t have to worry if you pay for subscriptions such as Netflix with a gift card or prepaid card.


Can you start a Netflix trial without a credit card?

Netflix stopped offering free trials in 2019 — don’t believe the countless articles that say you can still get them.

The only way to get a free Netflix now is to borrow a password from friends or family. Lots of people use this trick to cut the costs of a subscription, but watch out: Netflix is planning to crack down on this. It’s already introduced curbs in some countries.

You won’t get in trouble, but Netflix might block you. However, it will probably always be possible to use someone else’s Netflix account for a short period.

Another option is just to pay for one month to see if you like it. Or to binge a show you want to see. Sign up for Netflix with one of the methods below and cancel right away. You’ll still get a month’s access but won’t have to worry about a recurring payment.


Alternative payment methods for Netflix

When you sign up for Netflix, you’ll be offered three payment options:

  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal
  • Gift code

The cards option includes prepaid credit cards from any of the major card issuers, such as a prepaid virtual Visa card.

For PayPal, any account can be used. It doesn’t need to be tied to an Irish address or payment method. This will be a recurring payment so you’ll need to keep track of it.

Using a Netflix gift card is another easy way to pay for Netflix without a credit card. You can buy a Netflix gift card online on Recharge.com. Got one? Just enter the gift card PIN or code while setting up your Netflix account. You can redeem multiple gift cards on your account.

Gift cards work like cash and are applied to your account balance. Netflix will let you know before your balance runs out.

Pay for Netflix without a credit card, with the Netflix gift card


Good to know

Note that Netflix gift cards come in fixed amounts. If you just want to sign up for a month, check the cost of your preferred plan first. If it doesn’t match the gift card amounts, it might be better to use a prepaid card.

There’s a fairly big price difference between Netflix plans, especially over the course of a year. A basic account is enough if you only use one screen at a time and mostly watch on your phone or tablet.

You can downgrade to a cheaper plan at any time. You won’t get any money back if you switch before your next payment is due. But your account will be downgraded immediately. So you might as well wait until the last day before making the change.

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