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Best offline messaging apps

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Best offline messaging apps
Digital lifestyle

Explore the best apps for offline messaging. Stay connected even without internet access in festivals, power outages, or data emergencies.

Thinking about texting without an internet connection it’s almost impossible. Thinking about not having an internet connection nowadays, it’s challenging. But if you think about it, there are some situations where being able to message without the internet would be helpful. A festival with a lousy connection, staying without electric power during a storm, or running out of data off guard. This article reunites the best offline messaging apps, download them and don’t get caught by surprise.


What is offline messaging?

Offline messaging might sound improbable, but it’s a recent advancement in secure communication techniques. Mesh messengers, commonly known as off-grid messengers, do not necessitate internet or access to telecommunications infrastructure, such as cell towers, to transmit messages between phones. Instead, they depend on a direct Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth.


The best offline messaging apps

Bridgefy is a popular offline messaging app that creates a mesh network using Bluetooth. Users can send messages to nearby individuals without the internet. It operates within a 100-meter range, but messages can hop through other Bridgefy users’ phones to reach distant recipients.

FireChat is an offline messaging app using mesh networking without the internet. It connects devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, relaying messages to recipients. Multihop technology connects all phones within this range, creating a mesh network that works even when other internet connections fail.

Briar is an Android-only offline chat app designed for secure communication. It utilises Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to create a mesh network, syncing messages directly between devices. It offers peer-to-peer encrypted messaging for one-on-one conversations and group chats.

  • Signal Offline Messenger (Android)

Signal Offline Messenger sets itself apart by not relying on Bluetooth mesh networking. Instead, it utilises Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth for offline chatting within 200 feet. Signal stands out for its strong focus on security, as all messages are 100% encrypted, and no data is stored in the cloud.

Vojer is a peer-to-peer messaging app designed for offline communication. It uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mesh networking to enable users to send messages without an internet connection.


But what is a Mesh network?

Imagine you want to send a message to your friend who is far away. Instead of relying on a single path, like a direct Wi-Fi connection or a cell tower, your message can hop from one device to another, just like stepping stones, until it reaches your friend’s device. Each device acts as a relay, passing the message to the next device until it reaches its destination.

Mesh networks are helpful when there is no reliable internet or cellular connection, like in remote areas or during emergencies. They create a flexible and resilient network where devices work together to ensure messages can be delivered, even if traditional communication methods are unavailable.


And Wi-Fi direct?

Wi-Fi Direct is a technology that allows devices, like smartphones or laptops, to connect directly to each other without needing a Wi-Fi router or the internet. It’s like having a special magic power that lets your devices talk to each other and share things, like photos or files, without needing a Wi-Fi network in the middle. It’s a convenient way to connect devices and share stuff wirelessly, even when you’re not connected to the internet.

In summary, mesh networks create decentralised networks where devices relay data to reach the destination. At the same time, Wi-Fi Direct enables direct device-to-device Wi-Fi connections without needing a central network.

Mesh networks are suitable for broader coverage and scalability, often used in scenarios without internet access. Wi-Fi Direct is ideal for connecting nearby devices over shorter distances.

There you go! Now you can be prepared for any situation with these offline messaging apps. You can check this list of the Best offline music apps to keep the offline vibes going.

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