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About Transcash Italy

Snap up your Transcash card today and unlock an ocean of web services, all while ensuring your private info stays secret. Delight in secure online shopping with a Transcash voucher, a go-to payment solution promising safety, anonymity, and is accepted virtually everywhere on the web. From settling bills for online services such as e-dating, gaming, to other leisure pursuits, a Transcash voucher assures your online privacy is intact.
Securing a Transcash online recharge via Recharge.com couldn’t be more straightforward.

  1. Simply select the amount of Transcash recharge you want and input your email.
  2. Next, make your payment using PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, an many more.
  3. Your unique Transcash code will send to your inbox in a matter of 30 seconds!

Simply recharge your Transcash card effortlessly through Recharge.com and receive your unique Transcash code in seconds - it's that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Transcash voucher code?

    Kick off your Transcash code redemption online with these easy steps:

    1. Sign into your individual Transcash page.
    2. Head over to the Rechargement section.
    3. Enter the Transcash ticket code you received by e-mail to top up your card with the desired amount.

    To top up a Transcash voucher you must be a Transcash cardholder. To purchase a Transcash card you must be a resident of France or its territories.

  • What is Transcash?

    A Transcash ticket functions as a prepaid credit card. It’s your key to making payments wherever Mastercard is welcomed, be it Amazon or Ebay. To purchase a Transcash card you must be a resident of France or its territories.
  • How does Transcash work?

    A Transcash card is a prepaid credit card that you can use to make purchases for products and services worldwide across the web. Transcash cards can be topped up when you buy Transcash ticket vouchers.
  • How can I buy a Transcash card?

    If you’re a resident, you have the option to buy Transcash online or pick up a Transcash card at a local store. You’ll be able to put this Transcash voucher to use anywhere once you activate it to the ESSENTIAL formula. The beauty of the Transcash ticket is its flexibility - just like a Transcash PayPal, it can be recharged or topped up at your convenience. Keep an eye on your inbox for the Transcash coupon code after purchase. Once received, it allows you to perform a Transcash recharge, loading up your card with prepaid credit for immediate use.
  • How can I recharge my Transcash card?

    Redeem your Transcash code online by following these steps:

    1. Log in to your personal Transcash page
    2. Go to the Rechargement section
    3. Enter the Transcash coupon code you received by e-mail to recharge your card with the desired amount

    In order to load a Transcash voucher you must be a Transcash cardholder. To purchase a Transcash card you have to be a resident of France or its territories.

  • How to pay with Transcash?

    Making purchases with a Transcash card is like with major credit cards. The main difference being that a Transcash card is prepaid. You must ensure the current balance is sufficient to make your desired purchases. If the balance isn’t sufficient, you can purchase a Transcash voucher from anywhere, anytime to then top up your Transcash card.
  • Is Transcash safe?

    Getting a Transcash card, purchasing a Transcash voucher code, and making a Transcash recharge are all simple and safe processes.
  • What can I use Transcash for?

    With your Transcash card, you’re set to shop at both physical outlets and online sites. Need cash quickly? Use your Transcash ticket at ATMs. For online payments, pick the ’credit card’ option, set the card type as ’Mastercard’, and input your Transcash voucher details to complete the transaction.
  • Where can I use the Transcash card?

    The Formule ACCESS linked to the Transcash card (Carte Noire version) is restricted for use solely in France. But swap to ESSENTIAL or MAX and your Transcash ticket gains international wings, ready for use in France and beyond. Upgrading to ESSENTIAL? Ensure you’ve got a European National Identity Card or a European passport at hand.
  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my Transcash voucher code?

    To put this product into action, you’ll require a Transcash online account and a Transcash card.
  • I was asked to buy a Transcash voucher code here. Is this normal?

    Got a call from a courier? Received an out-of-the-blue confirmation e-mail? Sold or snagged an item online? If you’re here because a stranger prompted you to buy Transcash online, we strongly advise you to tread cautiously. Online tricksters often pose as credible individuals or institutions. If they manage to nab your Transcash code, sadly, we’re unable to assist
  • How can I check my Transcash balance?

    Sign into your account to peek at your Transcash online balance.

  • Do I have to spend my Transcash balance all at once?

    No, you do not need to spend your Transcash card balance all at once. You can use your Transcash voucher code to make multiple purchases. You just need to ensure that you have sufficient funds available for each purchase. If not, you always have the option to do a Transcash recharge.
  • How long is my Transcash voucher code valid for?

    Your Transcash code lasts forever. The expiration date of the Transcash card can be seen on your card.
  • How can I contact Transcash customer service?

    Need to get in touch with Transcash customer service? Give them a ring or send them an e-mail:

    • E-mail: service-client@trans-cash.fr
    • Phone: 0826 666 555 (0.15 € / MIN + price of a call)

Terms & Conditions

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