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Buy a BITSA Voucher online

About BITSA Italy

Get your BITSA card online today and dive right into endless online services, confident that your personal data is safeguarded. Shop securely with BITSA card, a sought-after payment method that’s all about security and privacy, and is widely used online. Whether for digital services like online dating, gaming, or other fun stuff, BITSA card is your shield online.
Purchasing a BITSA voucher is a breeze via Recharge.com:

  1. Simply select the BITSA card amount you want.
  2. Enter your email address and choose a payment method, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, an many more.
  3. Finalize your payment.

Your unique BITSA code will be with you in just 30 seconds. Recharge BITSA online today and dive right into endless online services, confident that your personal data is safeguarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I redeem my BITSA card code?

    You can redeem your BITSA code through the website or App in a few simple steps:

    Redeem online:

    1. Go to the BITSA website and log in your BITSA Account

    2. Select your virtual credit card

    3. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

    4. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

    5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

    6. Recharge is completed.

    Redeem in-app:

    1. Open the App, click on your virtual credit card. To create a BITSA Card, click on the + in the top right corner

    2. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

    3. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

    4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

    5. Recharge is completed.

    To pay using the BITSA Prepaid Card, type in the credit card number and CVC wherever you want to pay with VISA. If you have a physical BITSA Card, you can use it to pay in store.

    You will need to live in the European Economic Area to create a BITSA account. 

  • What is a BITSA card code and how does it work?

    A BITSA code is perfect for boosting the balance of your BITSA card. This nifty BITSA card is accepted in almost every corner that takes VISA cards. Be it online splurging, making in-store payments, or transferring funds, everything’s on the table, both online and offline.
  • What can I use my BITSA card code for?

    A BITSA voucher is perfect for recharging your BITSA card, and then you’re all set to use this versatile BITSA card in practically any place that accepts VISA. From online purchases, in-store transactions to money transfers, everything’s within your reach, whether you’re surfing the web or out in the physical world. Recharge BITSA and enjoy the convenience!
  • How to pay with BITSA?

    Making a payment with BITSA is as easy as pie. When you’re ready to pay, simply choose BITSA as your preferred payment method. Key in your BITSA card details if you’re shopping online or, for in-store purchases, use your physical BITSA card just like any other VISA card—swipe, insert or tap it. Keep in mind, it’s a breeze to keep your spending in check by using a BITSA voucher to recharge BITSA when your balance gets low. This way, you can keep your shopping spree going without any hiccups!
  • How can I check my BITSA card balance?

    To see your BITSA card balance, here’s what you need to do:

    1. Head over BITSAcard.com and sign in to your BITSA account.
    2. Give a tap on your virtual credit card.
    3. Your current balance can be found right there on your rechargeable BITSA card.
  • How long is my BITSA card code valid?

    Your BITSA voucher will keep its validity for three months post-buying.
  • Can I buy a BITSA card code with PayPal?

    Absolutely! On Recharge.com, you’re free to cover your BITSA recharge cost with your PayPal account.

  • I was asked to buy a BITSA card code here. Is this normal?

    Received a call from a delivery service? Got an unanticipated verification email? Participated in a transaction involving a BITSA card online? If a stranger has prompted you to buy this BITSA voucher or perform a recharge BITSA operation, we strongly advise extra vigilance. Online fraudsters often pose as trustworthy individuals or institutions, exploiting BITSA PayPal transactions. Sadly, if they obtain your BITSA voucher or BITSA card code during the BITSA recharge process, our ability to help is compromised.

  • How can I contact BITSA's customer service?

    You can contact BITSA's customer service on their customer support page.

Terms & Conditions

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