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how does paysafecard work?

How to buy paysafecard with PayPal

All you need to know about paysafecard and PayPal: from places to buy paysafecard with PayPal to instructions for topping up your PayPal account using paysafecard.

How can I buy a paysafecard with PayPal?

At Recharge.com you have the advantage that you can buy your paysafecard online with PayPal. Select your desired paysafecard credit amount and enter your email address. Then select PayPal as the payment method and after successful payment we will send you your 16-digit code by email.

How do I pay with a paysafecard?

As easy as purchasing a paysafecard is, paying with one is just as easy. Simply select" "paysafecard" "as the payment method in the respective web shop, enter your paysafecard code or your username and password and you're done You finished. Or opt for “pay by code”. If the amount to be paid in the online shop is less than the amount on your paysafecard, a new paysafecard code will be sent to you with the remaining paysafecard credit.

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How do I top up my PayPal account with a paysafecard?

Of course, it works the other way around as well, namely that you transfer funds from your paysafecard to your PayPal account. What you need in addition to your my paysafecard account is a paysafecard Mastercard. Add your paysafecard Mastercard as a payment option to your PayPal account and you're done.

What is a paysafecard Mastercard?

To obtain such a card, simply go to the Paysafecard official website and apply for a paysafecard Mastercard. In this case, it is a physical card that will be sent to you within five to seven working days. Decide on a paysafecard code on Recharge.com and have your credit credited to your paysafecard Mastercard. You can load between € 1.00 and € 1,000.00 per day on your paysafecard Mastercard. Buy paysafecard credit now at Recharge.com and get the most out of your paysafecard!

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