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Random password generators: Pros, cons and the best ones

Safety online
Random password generators: Pros, cons and the best ones
Safety online

How can you use random password generators and discover the best ones? What are other ways to keep your online accounts and money safe online?

Your online security is crucial when it comes to logging into your social media accounts, general websites, and internet banking. Nowadays, scammers and hackers are very adept at cracking passwords. With their advanced methods, a password of 6 characters can often be cracked within seconds. In this article we will tell you more about using random password generators to creat secure passwords that limit your online risk.

  • Paying online more securely

With all the online services that we use more and more, it is important to have a secure password for every single account. If a scammer can guess the password for your online store account or for your bank, they can access your bank account or credit card information, for example.

A unique and strong password helps prevent theft of your money or personal information. Here you can read more about creating the strongest possible password.

Shopping online without entering any data, for example by using a more secure prepaid credit card, offers more security through relative anonimity. When paying with a prepaid card you do not have to share data, and avoid data leaks. Creating no (or as few) accounts as possible is the best option to prevent data (and password) theft online.

Do you still want to use passwords for your services? Then you can choose to use a random password generator.


What is a random password generator?

Many people still choose passwords that consist of a pet’s name, their post code or address, or their maiden name. While these types of passwords are of course easier to remember, there is a major drawback to choosing these types of passwords. Through phishing (fishing for your information) and advanced password hacking programs, these passwords are easily discovered by scammers and thieves.

A random password generator (online or via an app) creates a completely random password for you, consisting of a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. The longer the password is, the more difficult it is to guess. By creating a random password generator password for every account you have (yes also for your social media!), you significantly increase your online security.


How does a strong password creator work?

A random password creator generates a unique password for you in seconds. We’ll give you some examples of reliable password creators later that you can use to change all your passwords. You can choose to use a random password creator on a website, but you can also install an easy to use random password creator app.


The benefits of using a random password generator

With a strong passwords generator you ask the app or software or the random password generator website to create a unique password. You can specify how long the password should be. A longer password is even harder to guess. It is definitely a must to never use the same password for different accounts.


The disadvantages of using a random password generator

Of course, there are not only advantages, but also disadvantages to using a strong password generator. Below, we have listed some tips to help you avoid some of the downsides of random password generators:

  • Choose your password generator wisely

Firstly, it is important to choose a reliable generator that does not place cookies on your computer or stores your chosen passwords in any way.
Do you have accounts that are important (such as internet banking, logging into your credit card account or your e-mail)? If possible, choose 2-step verification when logging in, in addition to your new generated password. Delete accounts on websites you never use again. Hacking old accounts can provide scammers with a lot of useful personal information.

  • Always create a password per account

Always create a unique password per account. Think of the accounts for your social media, your e-mail, your bank and your credit card. Avoid using a password manager that remembers your new passwords and enters them for you. If a hacker manages to get into your password manager’s system, this poses a major risk to your online security.

  • Stay anonymous when using a random password generator

Do you want to create passwords with a random password generator? Then set your browser to ‘incognito mode’ before using the password creator. This way you ensure that as little data as possible about the passwords you create (and your online behaviour and the visit to the generator’s website) is stored online.

Extra tip: Make sure the system updates of your phone, tablet or computer are always up to date. Outdated systems are vulnerable in terms of the security of your data, passwords and other data


The best random password generators to try in 2022

Do you want to start creating new passwords with a random password creator? We have listed some examples of reliable password creators in 2022 for you:

  • LastPass

You can quickly create new passwords using the LastPass app or website. With the free (or paid) version you can generate passwords with a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. The app works on both iOS and Android phones. LastPass uses military-grade encryption (256-bit AES), has a zero-knowledge policy, and provides multiple two-factor authentication options (2FA) as well as biometric logins. A safe random password creator.

  • Dashlane

Dashlane allows you to generate unique passwords that are up to 40 characters long. You can also indicate special characters that you want to use. Dashlane has the option to test the generator for free, without using a credit card. This way you can change all your passwords within the trial time.

When choosing a new password, the background colour of the website indicates how strong your new password is: red for weak, orange for medium, and green for strong. Use the app or the website for the random password creator.

  • NordPass

With the NordPass random password creator (via the app or on the website) you can create passwords with up to 60 characters. Here you can indicate whether you want to avoid ambiguous characters like 1 and I that could be confused. NordPass also offers a password manager. It is possible to check the strength of your password on the NordPass website.


The ultimate online security for you and your personal data

Do you find using a password creator and remembering all those different passwords too much hassle? Then remember that using as few online accounts as possible is the best solution to safely use online services. Shop online with a (as anonymous as possible) prepaid credit card, with which you share little or no personal information with third parties.

With prepaid money cards, gift cards and prepaid credit cards from paysafecard or Transcash you can shop and pay for services with money that you put on these cards yourself. You can top up these cards safely and quickly on Recharge.com, from anywhere in the world, without giving any personal (or banking) details.


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