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Where to buy prepaid credit cards with cash (and why you don’t have to)

Safety online
Where to buy prepaid credit cards with cash (and why you don’t have to)
Safety online

Looking to buy prepaid credit with cash? Find out where you can do that in this guide. Protect your privacy and anonymity online with a prepaid credit card.

There are many reasons to use a prepaid credit card. It’s an easy substitute when you don’t have access to a regular credit card. A pay as you go credit card works really well for budget control as well. Last, but not least, it is also the perfect way to protect your privacy and anonymity when you’re paying. Prepaid credit cards don’t need a lot of personal information to obtain. Making it easier to keep track of and limit the amount of personal information you give away.

Buying your prepaid credit card with cash

If you’re using a prepaid credit card to protect your privacy, it makes a lot of sense to buy your cards with cash. After all, this limits the amount of information you leave behind even more. Going to your local store, post office or kiosk and buying a card with cash feels like the safest way to go. But there are ways to buy your prepaid credit card online that are just as safe.
To help you decide how and where to buy your prepaid credit card we’ve created this guide. Find out where you can buy prepaid cards with cash and which online alternatives might suit you best.

Where can you buy prepaid credit cards with cash?

There are many places where you can buy a prepaid credit card with cash in Ireland. Retailers such as Tesco offer prepaid cards that you can buy with cash. Of course you can get your prepaid credit card at the Post office or kiosks as well. Different cards can be bought in different places, so check your local stores to see what they have on offer.
Payzone offers this handy digital map so you can find your local store that carries one of their cards. Just select a product you want, such as paysafe or swirl, and select the town where you live. The map automatically shows you the closest place you can go to.

Why buy your prepaid credit card online?

It’s not necessary to go through the hassle of finding the closest shop to buy your prepaid credit card. You can do it all from the comfort of your home instead. The biggest question of course is whether your privacy is protected just the same. The answer to that is: yes.
Buying and topping up your prepaid credit card Ireland is the perfect way to stay safe online whilst staying comfortable. To order your credit right here on recharge.com you only need an email address. From our end no other information is needed. That way you protect your personal information just as much as you would buying in your local post office.
All the cards you order online are perfect to use as anonymous payment methods. This means that you don’t have to leave any personal information behind when you pay online. Perfect if you want to protect your privacy and stay safe online.

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Which prepaid credit card should you buy online?

Ordering a prepaid credit card online might be the perfect way to stay safe online. But which prepaid credit card is perfect for you?

On our prepaid credit card page you can find all the cards you can order on recharge.com. This includes well-known cards like paysafecard, Neosurf & CASHlib. Clicking on the logo of a product shows you all the information you need for that product.

Different cards have different specialities. Some cards, like BITSA can be used (almost) like a regular credit card. Others are specialized in specific uses. Consider what you want to use the card for and decide which card fits you best. But know they’re all perfect to protect your privacy online.

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