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How to use Apple Pay without a credit card, easily and safely

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How to use Apple Pay without a credit card, easily and safely
Digital lifestyle

Pay safely and securely with Apple Pay, even without a credit or debit card. Instead, try a prepaid money card or other of our tips.

Paying for your purchases on the go or online is safe and easy with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a payment service set up by (you guessed it) Apple. This payment method is available on the well-known iPhone and can also be used on the Mac, the iPad and the Apple Watch. Don’t have an iPhone or Apple Watch? Prefer to use Apple Pay without a card? Then there are alternatives to Apple Pay, about which more later.


The advantages of Apple Pay

The biggest advantage of paying with Apple Pay is the contactless payment with your device. You don’t need a wallet full of cards. Paying with Apple Pay without a card is easy and safe. It allows you to make fully contactless payments with your Apple Watch or iPhone at convenient POS terminals. Apple Pay is part of the Wallet app.

Wherever you can pay with your debit or credit card contactless, it is possible to pay with Apple Pay without a card. Apple Pay uses the Apple Wallet and you can link this payment service to an existing bank account or to a credit card. The money you spend is then debited from your account or credit card. Read more here.


Don’t have a credit card or don’t want one?

But can you use Apple Pay without a credit or debit card? Maybe you don’t want one, can’t get one, or simply don’t want to link your card details to your Apple Pay. And how can you add money to your Apple Wallet for Apple Pay without a credit card or bank account? Let’s find out!


Can you use Apple Pay without a card?

After the iOS 11.2 update for Apple Pay, you can receive money with Apple Pay and also easily send money to others. Even if you haven’t installed Apple Pay yet, others can send money to you. This money will then be added to your Apple Pay Cash Card in your Wallet. Only then is sending and receiving money on your Apple Pay possible.


How to get money off Apple Pay without a card?

Do you have money in your Apple Pay Wallet and want to collect it without a card? Then you can use your balance to purchase a prepaid money card. This card can then be used to make purchases or exchanged for cash. You can also purchase a gift card with Apple Pay. Choose easy-to-use money cards like Neosurf or paysafecard as money gift cards as these are widely accepted online.


Can I use Apple Pay without verifying my card?

Yes, you can certainly receive money in your Apple Pay account without verifying or linking a card. Sending money is also possible, but there is a limit to this if you have not yet verified a card with your Apple Cash Wallet.


Adding money to your Apple Pay without a credit card or bank account

Want to add money to your Apple Pay Wallet? You can easily add money to your Apple Pay account without having to use a credit card or bank account. Purchase a cash card or a prepaid credit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo. Some prepaid cards with an American Express logo can also be used (but may not always be accepted). Buying a prepaid credit card is easy and safe online. Purchase your digital prepaid cards on Recharge.com and you will receive them by email within 30 seconds.

Another way to add money to your Apple Pay Wallet is to pay with PayPal. We have a whole article about using PayPal without a credit or debit card.


How to set up Apple Pay without a card

Want to use your Apple Pay to receive and send money without linking a debit or credit card to your Apple Pay account? The Apple Wallet is already installed on your iPhone. Here you can store concert tickets, gift certificates, shop cards and airline tickets for example. You also work with this Wallet when you want to start using Apple Pay without a card (or without a regular credit or debit card).


Starting with Apple Pay on your iPhone

To use Apple Pay on your iPhone, your phone must have the latest iOS update. If you are using an iPad or Apple Mac, you will need the latest iPadOS or macOS. After starting with Apple Pay you can also make payments with your Apple Watch.

You will also need a debit or credit card to start using Apple Pay. You add this card to your Wallet. This way, payments can be made with these cards. Want to use Apple Pay without a card? Then add a prepaid credit card or a debit card which can be used with Apple Pay.

Important; before you start using Apple Pay, make sure you know what your Apple ID is and sign in to your iCloud2 with it.

On older phones you can add up to 8 cards (in total). Newer iPhones will allow you to add 12 cards to your Wallet. After adding a debit, credit, or prepaid money card, you can use Apple Pay.


How do I add a new (prepaid) card to Apple Pay?

  1. In the Wallet app, tap the Add button.
  2. Tap Debit or Credit card. Tap credit card to use Apple Pay with a prepaid credit card.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Follow the steps on the screen to add a new card. If prompted, choose your bank or card issuer from the list or find them using the search bar.
  5. Verify your information with your bank or card issuer. They might ask you to provide additional information or to download an app before approving.
  6. If you have a paired Apple Watch, you have the option to also add the card to your watch.


Alternatives for Apple Pay without a credit card

It can be difficult to use Apple Pay without a credit card. For example, some prepaid money cards require you to use an additional app on your phone before you can add the prepaid card to your Apple Wallet. Fortunately, there are easier alternatives to Apple Pay.

If you want to use Apple Pay to make payments easily and securely without sharing your private information or using a credit card, you could opt for using money vouchers and prepaid money cards directly as a payment method. These digital cards can be purchased safely online, even anonymously.


Online shopping and paying with paysafecard

A good example of a prepaid money card is paysafecard. You buy a digital code for an amount of money of your choice. The voucher remains valid until you’ve used the full amount for shopping and paying with. Do you want to send money to a loved one or give a gift card? This way you can send money without expensive transaction fees from the bank. On Recharge.com you can buy paysafecard for an amount of your choice safely and quickly. You will receive your paysafecard within 30 seconds in your e-mail.


Neosurf as an alternative to Apple Pay

With the payment method of Neosurf, you can also pay at more than 20,000 (online) shops as well as on websites for betting or gambling. Do you want to make a purchase and pay anonymously with your Neosurf code? Then select Neosurf as the payment method on the website where you are shopping. It’s as simple as that. Of course, you can also give a Neosurf code as a gift. Here you can read more about Neosurf and buy your digital Neosurf code quickly and securely.


Transcash as a safe and anonymous online payment method

Online and offline payments for shopping and gaming are easy and safe with Transcash. With a digital Transcash code, you can pay anywhere a MasterCard is accepted. Are you over 18 years old? Would you like to use Apple Pay without sharing bank details? Or don’t have an iPhone? Then Transcash might be a good payment method for you.


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Recharge.com has many prepaid credit cards and gift cards on offer. Some can be used with Apple Pay. Would you rather shop online easily and safely without Apple Pay? You can use these cards for shopping or sending money. They’re also handy to use if you want to pay online without a bank account.

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