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Buy a Gift Now (That Doesn’t Look Last-Minute)

Buy a Gift Now (That Doesn’t Look Last-Minute)

Once in a while, even the best of us forget to buy a gift for someone. If it happens, stay calm. Just because you’re racing against the clock, doesn’t mean you have to be empty-handed on someone’s special day. Here’s a last-minute gift suggestion that might surprise you – a digital gift card. If you’re thinking that it’s not a very original gift, keep an open mind for a second and read on. You’ll find that a gift card can be a thoughtful gift, if you go about it the right way. Not to mention, you can buy it instantly online.

Last-Minute Gift Card? The Devil is in The Details

When you think of digital gift cards, you’re probably thinking about a generic one, which can be used in multiple stores. The more generic, the safer it’s perceived to be. But that safety comes at a price – presenting a generic gift card as a thoughtful gift is a hard sell. To do it right, you’ll need to dive into specifics. Here are a few occasions where a well-chosen digital gift card can save the day, if you build a good story around it.

Out of Birthday Present Ideas? The Best Ones Hide in Plain Sight

You’ll need to do some memory digging for this, but it pays off. Think back to conversations with your friend, mother, neighbour or whoever it is whose birthday is coming up. Did they mention in passing that they’re looking forward to trying a game, like World of Warcraft: Shadowlands? Or that they want to switch to Spotify Premium but don’t have a credit card? They must’ve dropped a gem like that at some point or another. Whatever it is, there’s a gift card for it. And when you gift the card and explain what inspired it, you show that you’ve been listening. That’s true friendship. The gift is just a side dish.
How to gift: Let’s say you’ve chosen a for your friend’s birthday. Once you order it, you’ll get a code in your inbox. How do you wrap that? Run a quick research on the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands website. You’ll find that the game tagline is ‘Brave the Beyond’. Put that in your greeting card, adding ‘Here’s your entry password (if you’re brave enough)’. Then write the WoW code we sent you by hand. A small personal touch like this goes a long way. Apply this strategy to any gift card you choose.

Cheap and Spot-On Graduation Gifts

Is your friend, brother, sister or nephew graduating? That’s a big milestone. What comes next for them is moving into a home of their own, starting their first job etc . All this is exciting, and it requires money. Here’s where a shopping gift card can do the trick. Of course, with a personal touch. For example, you could get them a or . Just add a thoughtful dedication of what they should get with it – e.g. their first proper suit for job interviews.
How to gift: Do you have an old tie? Old shirt? Anything that hasn’t left your wardrobe for a long time, and with good reason? Wrap it as a present and give it to the person who’s graduating. In the greeting card, say something like: ‘Make a better impression than this on your first interview – get yourself a proper suit. On me :)’. Print the Zalando code and stick it in the card.

Housewarming Gifts That Won’t Go in The Dustbin

Your friends are moving in together and you want to make it special? Don’t buy them any decoration. Especially last-minute. There are few things worse than trying to fake gratitude when someone has just handed you an ugly lamp. And they expect to see it in your living room when they come visit again. Instead, dedicate an Amazon gift card to them, and let their first lamp together be on you. Last-minute or not, this is a fool-proof housewarming gift.
How to gift: You don’t need too much of a story around this. Print the code and redeeming instructions. Put them in an envelope with a nice card, and finish with a good bottle of wine. Done.

Can Last-Minute Wedding Gifts Be Romantic?

That’s a tough one to pull off last-minute. But yes, it can be done. You can take the cheeky road and give them something fit for a settled-down couple. A comes to mind, and you can’t go wrong with it. Or, try a different angle and go for extra personal attention. Give the bride and groom separate gift cards, based on their interests. Is the groom a gamer, or does he like sports betting? Get him a or a . And for the bride? Get her a for when she needs to get away for a ladies’ night or a shopping spree.
How to gift: Buy a small gift box. Inside, leave a note saying each of them will receive instructions on their present per email in a few hours. Schedule a TOP SECRET email to be sent to each of them, including the gift card code and an explanation on how to use it. It’s elaborate, but just might work.

Pay Less For Holiday Gifts Without Looking Cheap

Christmas is great until you’re a grown-up and you find yourself on the buying end of the presents. And for those living abroad, there’s the extra challenge of suitcase space. It’s never enough for everyone’s gift. Be clever – buy relevant gift cards for everyone. As you know by now, it’s all about presentation. You could give your mom a Steam gift card without an explanation and make her worry about you. Or, you can give her that and tell her that you’ve been hearing her complain about your gaming habits. And now you want her to play with you, so she understands what you like about games. For an extra nice touch, let her win once.
How to gift: Christmas is easy – get a pair of socks and a cute Christmas card for everyone. Then write the code and instructions inside. It works for friends, parents, brothers and sisters. Pick from gaming, entertainment, or prepaid credit cards.

Gift Cards Are the Perfect Gesture When There’s no Special Occasion

You don’t need a birthday, anniversary, wedding or graduation to make a nice gesture. And gift cards are a good idea not only when you’ve forgotten to buy another gift. We often call them gift cards, but they’re in fact digital codes. And the right digital code at the right time can make someone’s day. Is your friend travelling abroad with a prepaid phone? They might be running out of credit. Surprise them by wherever they are in the world. Is your brother preparing a romantic dinner for his first girlfriend? Help him create a romantic atmosphere with a .

Done in 30 Seconds

By now you know that any present can be thoughtful if you add a nice personal touch to it. Even if it’s a last-minute present. Get your creativity going and pick from entertainment gift cards, gaming gift cards, prepaid credit cards, or mobile top-up. Ready? Your gift will be in your inbox within 30 seconds.


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