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About PCS Poland

Do you want to have the freedom to shop and play online and offline with a trusted prepaid card that's accepted worldwide? Do you want to be able to add credit to the card easily and safely? Then a PCS Mastercard prepaid credit card and PCS ticket credit codes are the perfect solution for you!


Prepaid credit cards have many benefits. They give you more control over how and when you spend your money and there are no commitments or bank details needed. PCS prepaid cards can be purchased in-store and online in France. Searching for “PCS where to buy” regarding ticket codes? Look no further than Recharge.com. There, the process to buy PCS online ticket codes is simple and secure. Get shopping today with a PCS Mastercard!

Ofte stilte spørsmål

  • How can I redeem my PCS ticket code?

    Redeeming your Carte PCS ticket code can be done online, in the app, or by SMS:


    1. Visit the PCS website.
    2. Go to Dashboard, Recharger ma carte. Enter the PCS ticket code. Click Envoyer to continue.



    1. Log in to the PCS app.
    2. Tap Recharger.
    3. Select Coupon and enter the PCS ticket code.



    Text RECH followed by a space and the 10-digit recharge code and the last 4 digits of your PCS Mastercard to:

    • 0601787878 (BLACK PCS)
    • 0757575555 (PCS CHROME)
    • 0750090000 (PCS INFINITY)


    After you have successfully completed these steps, your PCS recharge has been done.

  • How can I recharge my PCS Mastercard?

    Follow the steps below to buy PCS ticket credit codes on Recharge.com. You can use them to top up your PCS Mastercard.

    1. Select the PCS ticket product and amount you require and fill in your e-mail address.
    2. Choose your preferred payment method to buy PCS online – including PayPal, Apple Pay, debit card, and credit card.
    3. You'll receive a unique PCS ticket code in your inbox.
    4. Log in to your personal myPCS account page.
    5. Go to the Recharge section.
    6. Enter the PCS ticket code you received by e-mail and its credit value will be added to your PCS Mastercard.

    Buy PCS tickets on Recharge.com and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a PCS Mastercard!

  • What is a PCS ticket?

    A PCS Mastercard is a prepaid credit card. A PCS ticket is a credit voucher code you use to add value to your PCS Mastercard. Buy PCS online on Recharge.com for ticket credit.

  • Where can I use a PCS prepaid credit card?

    A PCS Mastercard is available if you live in Europe. The PCS Mastercard can be used anywhere in the Mastercard network worldwide. You may be asked to provide a valid form of ID. EU citizens aged 18 and over can use a PCS Mastercard. Prepaid card activation varies by country. Contact customer support if you need assistance with activation.

  • Where can I buy a PCS prepaid card?

    If you are a resident of France, you can purchase a PCS prepaid card in a store or order it online.
  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my PCS Mastercard?

    To spend your PCS prepaid credit, you'll need a PCS account and a PCS Mastercard.

  • Is it safe to buy PCS ticket credit codes online?

    When you buy a PCS ticket credit code via Recharge.com to use to recharge your PCS prepaid card, you can take comfort in knowing the transaction is safe and secure. Recharge.com is an authorized PCS ticket distributor.

  • What can I use my PCS ticket code for?

    You can top up your PCS prepaid card with a PCS ticket credit code purchased on Recharge.com.

  • How to check my PCS prepaid card balance?

    To view your PCS prepaid credit balance, log in to your PCS account via the PCS app or PCS website, or reach out to PCS customer service for support.

  • Do I have to spend my PCS prepaid card balance all at once?

    You won't be asked to spend the balance all at once. You can carry the balance to your next purchase. You can recharge your PCS prepaid credit card as needed by buying PCS ticket credit codes on Recharge.com.

  • How long is my PCS ticket code valid for?

    Your PCS ticket credit code is valid for 1 year.

  • Is it possible to buy PCS ticket codes with PayPal?

    You can purchase PCS ticket credit codes on Recharge.com by PayPal, debit card, and credit card. Other payment methods are also accepted. Visit Recharge.com for more information.

  • What precautions should I take with my PCS ticket codes and PCS Mastercard?

    Fraudsters may ask you to purchase a PCS ticket code, give them the ticket codes you already have, or request your PCS Mastercard details. Do not do so. We recommend you treat PCS ticket codes and your PCS Mastercard as you would cash. To buy PCS online safely, you can make this purchase on Recharge.com. Unfortunately, we won't be able to help you if fraudsters get their hands on your PCS ticket credit or prepaid credit card information.
  • How can I contact PCS customer service?

    For PCS assistance please visit the customer support page.


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