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About Steam

Who needs an expensive console when you can play the best games on your PC? Join the Steam gaming community and get access to great new PC games and exclusive Steam sales.

It's not uncommon to see awesome AAA games up to 50% off. Great new indie games are also coming out every week. To ensure you don't miss out and get yourself a Steam gift card on Recharge.com! Redeem it to recharge your Steam wallet and enjoy the best deals in the world of PC gaming.

Here's how it works: select the amount of Steam credit you want and pay using PayPal or credit card. You then get your Steam code by email within 30 seconds. That's what we call fast, safe and simple.

Warning: Steam has made some changes to how Steam Wallet Codes are redeemed on Steam to reduce scams.
Each Steam Account is associated with a specific currency, you may encounter an error if you try to activate a Steam Wallet Code issued in a different currency than the one of your Steam User Account

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Steam gift card?

    Recharge your Steam wallet in four simple steps!

    1. Log in to your Steam account wallet.

    2. Enter your gift code number and click Continue.

    3. If applicable, the value of your card will be converted from Euros to your home currency. You might be asked to indicate your address for this reason.

    4. You can now use your credit in your wallet to pay for your purchases on Steam!

  • What can I use my Steam gift card for?

    Steam is the world's biggest gaming platform on PC, Mac, and Linux. When you buy a Steam gift card, you receive spending credit to add to your Steam wallet. Use it to buy new games and downloadable content like game expansions, in-game items, soundtracks and more.

  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my Steam code?

    To redeem your code and add credit to your Steam wallet, you need a Steam account located where you live. Opening a Steam account is free, but you must be over 13 to join. Follow this link to open a Steam account.

    Please note Steam codes are region-locked. That means you can't use an American code for a European account and vice versa. Please check which code you are buying and what kind of account you have. 

    Warning: Steam USD codes cannot be used for ARS, BRL, TRY accounts. 

  • How long is my Steam gift code valid for?

    Steam codes do not expire, and neither does the credit in your Steam wallet.

    Pro tip from us: look out for Steam sales to get the most from your gift card!

  • How can I check my Steam balance?

    To see how much Steam credit you have, just log in to your account and click on your Steam username under Account details. Your remaining Steam wallet balance will be displayed.

Terms & Conditions

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