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About RuneScape USA

All you need is a RuneScape Membership to become part of the adventure! You can start your quest today! RuneScape is a medieval-based fantasy game like no other. It offers an exciting mix of fantasy, nostalgia, and community, all in the MMORPG world of Gielinor.
To access the full version of RuneScape, you'll need a RuneScape Subscription. If you're a fan of the fun, but less so of automatic renewals, go for a RuneScape Gift Card from Recharge.com. It gives you access to 30 or 90 days of unlimited gameplay. That means you have instant access to your game, and full control over how long you pay-to-play.
Time to start creating your own character and developing your skill level. Adventure awaits!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my RuneScape gift card?

    To redeem your RuneScape gift code on your computer simply follow the steps below: 

    1. Visit the RuneScape card activation page and click on Activate Card.

    2. Sign in to your RuneScape account, or create a new RuneScape account for free.

    3. Enter the RuneScape gift card code that you have received from us by email.

    4. Redeem your code and start playing!

  • What can I use my RuneScape gift card for?

    A RuneScape gift card gives you a selected amount of days to play the world’s largest MMORPG game. By getting a paid subscription, you will get access to the full version of RuneScape. Choose between 30 or 90 days of RuneScape game time.

  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my RuneScape prepaid card?

    You will need a RuneScape Account to redeem your gift code, or simply register for a free new account.

  • How long is my RuneScape membership valid?

    Your RuneScape code is valid for one year.

  • How do I check how many days of my RuneScape membership I have left?

    Log into your RuneScape account. 

    1. Click on My Account

    2. On this page, you will see when your membership will run out (date and time).

  • How can I contact RuneScape’s customer service?

    To contact RuneScape’s customer service, go to the link and select your issue.  If your answer is not there, log in to your RuneScape Account to contact the Customer Service.

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of RuneScape. To view these, please visit www.jagex.com/terms-conditions.

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