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How to make cheap international calls

Do you have a grandma living in Spain? Or maybe a friend in the US? Possibly you don’t talk to them that often, do you? And we mean, really talk. Like hearing each other's voice over the phone. Unfortunately, making international calls isn’t a cheap hobby. It can get really expensive, especially if you’re not paying attention. But, there are ways to make international phone calls without getting that big bill at the end of the month. You’re asking us how that works? Two words: prepaid card.

Using a prepaid card to make international calls, comes with a couple of nice advantages. First of all, you can get a prepaid card from a carrier that offers low fares on international calls. Carriers like Lebara and Lycamobile have set low priced international bundles. And if you have some remaining minutes you can use them for your next call. Secondly, if you make prepaid calls you always know exactly what you’re spending because you can’t pass the limit. That’s an easy way to save on expenses! You can make cheap calls to your grandma whenever you want. She’ll smile and that’ll make you smile too.
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