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Top up EE mobile plans online

About EE UK

Buy an EE top-up online on Recharge.com so you will never run out of a EE top-up number, minutes, or texts. It only takes a few taps! We know how frustrating it is to not have enough credit. Just when you need to call your Mom, text your friend or look something up online. With Recharge.com, you can top up EE Pay As You Go immediately. You'll be back on your phone before you know it with EE UK credit!
To top up EE mobile plans, simply select the amount you need and enter your phone number. Your payment is fast and easy using PayPal, VISA, Mastercard, credit card/debit card, or using more than 23 other safe and secure payment methods. When the payment is complete, your EE balance will be topped up immediately! We will send the EE voucher code to the email inserted, with instructions on how to redeem the EE mobile top-up codes.
Top up your EE credit on Recharge.com. It's fast, safe, and simple!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I redeem my EE code?

    Top up by phone:

    Dial 150 from your EE mobile. Follow the voice instructions.

    You’ll receive a text as soon as your call credit has been topped up.

    Top up by text:

    Send a text to 150, containing the following: VO[space][the 16-digit voucher code we sent you]. For example: VO 1234567891234567 (without gaps in the voucher code).

    Top up from abroad:

    You can call 360 from your EE phone or +44 7953 966 250 from any other phone.

  • How can I check the balance of my EE code?

    You can check your EE balance in two ways:

    Option 1: Text BALANCE to 150

    Option 2: Log in to my EE.

  • How can I contact the EE customer service?

    You can get in touch with EE customer service in one of the following ways:

    • From your EE phone: Call 150 (25p per call on pay as you go)
    • From a landline (home or abroad): +44(0)7953 966 250 -From another provider: 0800 079 8586.
  • How much data can I buy with EE call credit?

    With EE call credit you can buy a number of Pay As You Go Packs to purchase 4G Data:

    • £10 Subscription Pack with 8 GB data for 30 days
    • £15 Subscription Pack with 25 GB data for 30 days
    • £20 Subscription Pack with 50 GB data for 30 days
    • £30 Subscription Pack with 125 GB data for 30 days

    Switch plans by calling or texting 150 with your EE phone number.

  • What is an EE top up code?

    Buying an EE GB top up means buying call credit to use on your phone. By buying enough credit you can keep calling, texting and browsing on your phone and you won't have to worry about not being able to call someone in case of an emergency. We'll send your EE online top up code to you in around 30 seconds.

  • How long is my EE credit valid?

    The prepaid EE credit on your SIM card can be used indefinitely, but you must use your credit at least once every 180 days. You do this by topping up, calling, texting and/or using your data. If you do not use your call credit within 180 days, the service will be blocked, so that you can only be called or texted. If you do not top up the call credit, the remaining call credit will lose its validity and you will no longer be able to use the connection.

  • How to top up EE from abroad?

    If you are abroad, you can call 360 from your EE phone or +44 7953 966 250 from any other phone.

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of EE.

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