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Rakuten TV

About Rakuten TV

Sit back, relax and watch your favourite films & series with Rakuten TV. The biggest blockbusters, classics and bingeworthy series accessible instantly. Free froms subscriptions. Try it now and earn Rakuten Super Points with every purchase you make.

Here’s how it works: select the Rakuten TV gift card and enter your email. Pay with your favourite method - PayPal, Trustly, or credit card. Done? Take a deep breath and check your inbox for your code. Then go to Rakuten TV, select the film you want to watch and pay with your code.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Rakuten TV Gift Card?

    You can redeem your Rakuten TV gift code in the following simple steps:

    Go to the Rakuten TV service on your device and log in.

    1. Select the movie you want to see.

    2. Click on Redeem Voucher and enter your code

    3. After redeeming, the movie you selected can be found in the 'My Rakuten' section

  • What is Rakuten TV?

    Rakuten TV provides films and series on demand on your SMART TV, laptop and many other devices. Besides Video on demand, Rakuten TV provides premium subscription services and a range of channels for free, including Movies, Euronews, Kids TV, Viki, Documentaries and Rakuten Stories, a channel that embodies Rakuten TV´s original and exclusive content.

  • What can I use my Rakuten TV Gift Card for?

    Your Rakuten TV gift card can be used to watch a single film in HD for the price of 5 EUR. You can watch the movie you rented for 48 hours after redeeming the code.

  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my Rakuten TV Card?

    To use the Rakuten TV card you need a Rakuten TV account. The Rakuten TV card only works on the Spanish service of Rakuten TV: Rakuten.tv/en

  • How can I check my current Rakuten TV gift card balance?

    You can check the balance on your Rakuten TV card on the Rakuten TV website.

  • Can I purchase a Rakuten TV code with PayPal?

    You can pay for your Rakuten TV cards with PayPal here on Recharge.com

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of Rakuten.

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