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Recharge DIGI mobil Spain online

About DIGI mobil Spain

Buying your DIGI mobil top up online makes staying connected fast, safe and easy. you don't need a DIGI ES contract. Whenever you need data or call credit, you can instantly top up your DIGI mobil online, wherever you are. Running out of call credit or data is now a thing of the past, as you'll be able to top up your DIGI mobil online within seconds.

Call and text without losing touch, and say goodbye to worrying about an expensive phone bill at the end of the month. Stay in control of your phone costs by going prepaid and stay connected by buying your DIGI Spain top up voucher online, whenever you need it.


Just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Select a DIGI mobil top up amount.
  2. Fill in your email address and select your preferred payment method. You can choose from PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, and many more.
  3. Complete your payment (rest assured, our payment options are safe and secure).


That’s it! Once you've completed your order, your top up will be sent to your phone. Done!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to top up DIGI mobil online?

    Recharge.com will top up your phone instantly, whether you are in Spain or abroad. Please follow these steps to buy your DIGI mobil recharge:

    1. Select the product & the amount.
    2. Fill in the required information such as a phone number and an email address. Make sure to enter the correct phone number to receive the top up!
    3. Pay your order and receive the top up on your mobile phone within seconds.
  • What is a DIGI mobil top up?

    Topping up your DIGI mobil prepaid phone credit simply means buying a top up code. The top up code that you purchase represents the amount of prepaid phone credit that you have bought.

    When you buy your DIGI mobil top up, you'll receive an email with the code and easy-to-follow instructions on how to use your DIGI mobil recharge code.

  • How to check my DIGI mobil balance?

    You can check your DIGI mobil balance either on your phone or online.

  • How long is my DIGI mobil credit valid?

    You can check your currently available amount of DIGI ES credit with your phone or online:

  • How to top up DIGI mobil from abroad?

    There is no need to run out of DIGI mobil phone credit when abroad. Simply top up your phone instantly, 24/7, wherever you are. Stay connected by following these steps:

    1. Choose DIGI mobil recharge and the amount you want.
    2. Fill in the necessary details like your phone number and email address. Be sure to double-check your phone number so you receive the top up.
    3. Pay for your order and in no time, your will receive your top up on your mobile phone.
  • How to contact DIGI mobil?

    You can contact the DIGI mobil customer service in multiple ways:

    • Option 1: Call 1200 from your DIGI mobil number in Spain.
    • Option 2: Call 9016 666 42 from any other phone number.
    • Option 3: Call 0034 6426 426 42 from abroad.
    • Option 4: Visit the DIGI mobil website.
    • Option 5: Visit the DIGI mobil Facebook page.
    • Option 6: Send an email to the DIGI Spain customer service team.

Terms and conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of DIGI mobil.

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