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How to top up for someone else -blogpost

How to top up for someone else

Looking to top up someone else's call credit? Find out how with our simple to follow guide. Give your kids the call credit they need to stay connected.

Want to top up someone else’s phone and wonder how best to do it? Well, wonder no more. With this short guide you’ll see how quick and easy it is to top up someone’s phone.

Why top up someone else’s phone?

Buying call credit for someone else might sound strange, but there are many reasons why you might need or want to do it. If someone arounds you finds it difficult to do it themselves, you can top up their call credit and data for them.

It’s also the perfect way for parents to give their children call credit, without some of the worries and hassle. No need to pay for expensive subscriptions, or worry about sur-charges. Buying call credit makes it possible for the kids to use their phones without their parents worrying.

You can buy call credit in stores across Ireland. But that is a hassle in itself. Better do it from the comfort of your home instead. That’s easy when you top up someone’s call credit online.

How to top up someone’s call credit online

Topping up someone else’s call credit is easy and can be done in minutes on Recharge.com. With the following steps, you’ll do it in no time.

  1. Go to the call credit page and see all the providers on offer.

  2. Select the right provider

  3. Enter your email address, or the email address of the person whose phone you are topping up.

  4. You’ll receive an email filled with the instructions and your top up code. You can find the instructions on the page of the provider you’ve selected as well.

  5. You’re done! The call credit can now be used.

Topping up someone’s phone from a distance.

With most providers there are multiple options for how you can top up someone’s call credit. In some cases you need to have direct access to their phone. For instance, you can call a phone number or send a text with the top up code.

If you don’t have direct access to the phone you’re topping up there are still options for you. Some providers provide digital accounts (Such as a MyVodafone or My3 account). Check the page of the provider you need to use to see if they have an option for you.

No matter where you are, you can support your loved ones by topping up their call credit.