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Buy Xbox Game Pass codes online

About Xbox Game Pass

Get ready to play the best Xbox games all in one handy subscription. With the Xbox Game Pass you get access to an extensive library with over 100 great games. So you can always play your favourites or discover new games. The selection is so large that you can find the right game for every taste. Get the full Xbox experience with the best Xbox Game Pass games. It gets even better, you also get great discounts and offers!

To get your Xbox Game Pass the fast, safe and simple way, just select the value you want and enter your email address. Payment is simple and safe, using credit card. Once you’ve completed your order, your code will be in your inbox within seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Xbox Game Pass gift card?

    You can activate your Xbox Game Pass code online or directly on your Xbox One (it must be connected to the internet). Online:

    1. Go to redeem.microsoft.com and log in with your Microsoft account.

    2. Enter the code we sent you and follow the instructions.

    On your Xbox One & Series X:

    1. Sign in to your Xbox One account.

    2. Press the X button, then Home, and go to Store.

    3. Select Use a code.

    4. Enter the code we sent you and follow the instructions.

  • What can I use my Xbox Game Pass gift card for?

    The Xbox Game Pass gift card allows you to access Xbox Game Pass for a limited time. You also get to benefit from exclusive Xbox discounts and deals!

  • Which account do I need to redeem my Xbox Game Pass gift card?

    Your Xbox One account is linked to a Microsoft account. This is all you need to activate your Xbox Game Pass code.

  • How can I check my current Game Pass balance?

    1. Go to account.microsoft.com and log in.

    2. Select Payment & Billing > Payment options to view your current Microsoft account balance.

  • How long is my Xbox Game Pass code valid for?

    An Xbox Game Pass code is valid indefinitely.

  • How can I contact Xbox customer service?

    You can reach Xbox's Customer Service here.

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