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It doesn’t matter if your family lives on the other side of the world, you’re traveling or your best friend is doing an internship abroad, we make sure you can stay in touch with everybody. This is why at Recharge.com, you can refill your own credit and that of your friends and family worldwide. Currently, we’re selling credit from over 400 carriers in more than 140 countries.

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Every 10 seconds a refill takes placeMore than 800.000 people use Recharge.comCustomers give Recharge.com an average of 8

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We’re always available for your refill needs, 24/7We offer safe payment methodsYou can order within 1 minute The credit will be added to the phone within 1 minuteOver 600 carriers in more than 140 countries
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Creative Group is the company behind Recharge.com. The company was founded around 2002 by two friends, Dirk Ueberbach and Robin Weesie. Since then, different websites were launched, including Recharge.com in 2013. Nowadays those two friends can count on a group of 30 enthusiastic colleagues. From the Netherlands we’re ready to provide smiles worldwide.

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