It was a good year, wasn’t it? Now 2017 is around the corner, it’s time to look back at this amazing year. We started 2016 with a simplified checkout process, which made it easier to refill phone credit, because it remembers your data. After that, it was time for an expansion around the globe. We added new countries such as Singapore, Chile and Russia. And added new carriers in Asia, South America and the Caribbean.

In June, we started with building a new and fresh Yay! We launched it in September, when we were ready to share the design with you. After that, we secured our website with the implementation of HTTPS. It didn’t stop there! Just now, we added a lot of new payment methods, such as American Express, JCB and Discover. And we will continue...

In 2017 we will provide even more smiles! We’ll continue to add new countries, local currencies and payment methods. Next to that, we’re giving you even better customer support and a lot of new features. And do we hear a little birdy mention an app? Stay tuned!
30 december