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How to survive Black Friday

Check out our Black Friday survival kit for tips on building your shopping strategy, minimizing shopping stress, and avoiding overspending.

With November just around the corner, shopping deals will be flooding your personal space, whether you like it or not. While it’s great to have an opportunity to shop at a discount, Black Friday can also be overwhelming. On the one hand, you don’t want to miss out on all the amazing offers. On the other hand, you have limited resources. Finding a balance between discount shopping and staying within your means is tricky business.

To help you survive Black Friday 2021, we have prepared a small Black Friday survival kit for you. If you follow the tips below, you’ll be certain to make the most of this unique shopping experience, without fearing your credit card statement next month.

But first, let’s answer some burning questions.

Why is it called Black Friday?

If you’ve ever wondered where a shopping event got such a gloomy name, you’re not alone. The name originated in the 60s in Philadelphia. Local police officers used the term Black Friday to refer to the chaos caused by holiday shoppers before Christmas. The huge crowds would cause more accidents, traffic jams, and generally, more work for the police.

It took the name a couple of decades to spread nationwide, but if you’ve seen any footage of people fighting over discounted products, you’d agree that there could be no better term for this purpose.

When does Black Friday start?

In 2021, the shopping event of the year starts on Friday, November 26. Following the trend from recent years, it will last more than just a day or a weekend. Instead, it’s becoming a week-long event, similar to the El Buen Fin shopping event in Mexico.

How is Black Friday going to work this year?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our daily lives, Black Friday 2021 is likely still going to be a predominantly online event. Many retailers, such as Walmart, are spreading their deals across different shopping periods instead of centering them around a single date. In this way, they are trying to prevent huge crowds and stimulate a safer shopping experience for everyone.

The new setup forced by circumstances can actually help you to survive Black Friday and make the most out of its offerings. Here’s how.

TIP 1: Have a shopping strategy

Shopping deals spread across all product categories, making it tempting to overbuy. That’s why it’s important to have a strategy. If you’re looking to minimize buyer’s remorse, make a list beforehand of what you need and what you absolutely do not. Another scarf to add to the pile in the wardrobe? No, thanks.

Some items on your list might well be worth waiting for Black Friday to buy - e.g. a new TV, a new smartphone, or any other piece of technology for your home. Other items, such as clothes or cosmetics, get regular discounts throughout the year, so you don’t have to buy them now to save money.

A good strategy could be to focus on finding deals for the big items you need that rarely get discounted. The rest can possibly wait until the next discount opportunity.

TIP 2: Consider discounts on services

Black Friday is often associated with product discounts, but if you want to make the most of it, keep your eyes open for service discounts. Mobile operators often offer discounts on calling rates or mobile recharge. One example is Simple Mobile. If you have friends or family in Mexico, you can use the opportunity and send them mobile recharge with a discount, using Telcel Black Friday deals.

There are numerous options also beyond cell phone services. Check what your electricity, internet provider, or even your favorite entertainment services such as Netflix or Spotify have on offer.

TIP 3: Plan where to shop on Black Friday in advance

Being bombarded with shopping deals is a recipe for disaster. If you wait until the last minute, you may end up panicking and making the wrong shopping choices simply to avoid missing out.

That’s why it’s a good idea to decide where to shop on Black Friday in advance. For example, by making use of a Black Friday app. Not in the mood to preview offers in multiple places? You can play it safe and focus on Amazon deals. Amazon has everything you could imagine and they always go big with their discounts. So, you can also use the Amazon app as your single source of deals for the items on your list.

TIP 4: Don’t pay with your credit card

This is not a joke. Credit cards and Black Friday are a dangerous combination. Offers are too tempting and the due date of your credit card bill seems so far in the future. But it’s not. To avoid buyers’ remorse or getting into unnecessary debt, leave your credit card at home.

Instead, you can define a shopping budget and pre-load it on a prepaid credit card. With a prepaid credit card, you can pay at thousands of places online or offline, but you cannot overspend. Once the money you pre-loaded is finished, so is your shopping spree.

If you decide to shop on Amazon, you can also pre-load your shopping budget on an Amazon gift card. That will help you limit your spending, and if you end up with remaining balance on your gift card, you still have another 10 years to use it.

Ready to go shopping?