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Black Friday Deals-01
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How to survive Black Friday

Check out our Black Friday survival kit for tips on building your shopping strategy, minimizing shopping stress, and avoiding overspending.

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How can you limit the app data usage on your phone?

How much data does Netflix use (and other facts about app data usage)

Using Netflix, Instagram or WhatsApp apps on your phone? Learn how to lower the app data usage and make your phone credit last!

What are the best phone companies in the USA -01

What is the best phone carrier in the USA?

Comparing phone plans and carriers - who has the best network? Which carrier is the cheapest? And more!

Switching phone carriers: This is what you need to know

Switching phone carriers: This is what you need to know

Switch phone carriers without paying extra, keep your old phone and phone number.

Is Whatsapp safe

Is WhatsApp safe?

What is the best secure messaging app? Keep your messages private with these encrypted apps.

How to find free Wi-Fi hotspots?

How to find free Wi-Fi hotspots?

Find free Wi-Fi hotspots near you and learn where the most hotspots are in the world.

History of mobile phones-01

History of mobile phones

The evolution of the mobile phone: from the first brick of a cell phone to the latest smartphone.

How to create a hotspot anywhere with your iPhone-01

How to create a hotspot anywhere with your phone

Use your phone as a personal hotspot | create Wi-Fi for on the go | Never look for a Wi-Fi spot again

How to avoid roaming charges -01

How to avoid data roaming charges

Check and limit data roaming in the UK. Find alternatives and avoid unnecesary roaming charges after Brexit.

What's the difference between a burner phone and a prepaid phone -01

What is the difference between a prepaid cell phone and a burner?

What is the difference between a prepaid cell phone and a burner phone? Is a burner phone anonymous and untraceable? We are here to tell you more.

Screentime - What it is and how to limit it-01

Screen time: What it is and how to limit it

Looking to understand and limit your screen time? We review the average screen time for children, teens and adults, and discuss ways to make some lifestyle changes.

Mexico Black Friday

Mexico Black Friday 2021: How to make the most of it

Do you know El Buen Fin? If you love shopping deals, you should! Read our tips to find the best deals and avoid overspending.

A US or a Mexican SIM card: Which is the best for you?

A US or a Mexican SIM card: Which is the best for you?

Travelling, studying or living in the US? What's the best choice - keeping your Mexico prepaid SIM card or getting an US one? Use this short guide to find out.

Roaming Europa

International roaming in 2021 - Everything you need to know

How can you avoid international roaming costs when using your mobile phone outside of the US in 2021? Read on to use your phone abroad.


How to prepare for a hurricane?

How to prepare for hurricane season? 5 tips on how to stay safe. Take basic steps now to ensure your safety should a storm hit. Be ready for hurricane season.


3 ways to help hurricane victims

Want to help your friends and family during hurricane season? Use this guide to find out how. Help in the US, Mexico or the Caribbean.

Top up hurricane

Send top up to Mexico or Latin America

The Atlantic hurricane season is here again. Want to send top up to friends and family in Mexico and Latin America? Check out this guide and find out how!


Recharge mobile data for your Mexican phone from anywhere

Traveling abroad with your Mexican SIM card? Don't let yourself run out of mobile data. Find out how to stay connected and save money while abroad!


3 WhatsApp alternatives to call Mexico for free

WhatsApp isn't the best app to call someone with a poor internet connection or to make free international calls to a landline. Discover 3 WhatsApp alternatives that will keep you connected regardless of internet speed and won't drain your mobile data.

Save Money When You Move to the USA

5 Easy Ways to Save Money When You Move to the USA

From shipping costs to credit score, we've put together 5 easy tips to save you unnecessary costs in the first months after you move to the USA.

Moving to the US

The First 3 Things to Do After Moving to the United States

A guide for Mexicans

Send money to mexico

3 Ways to Send Money to Mexico Without a Money Transfer

Different ways to support friends and family in Mexico.


How to Recharge Movistar Mexico From the USA

Three ways to recharge Movistar for yourself or a loved one.

Dual SIM

3 Ways a dual-SIM phone can make your life better

All you need to know about dual-SIM phones.