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3 Reasons a Prepaid Mobile Plan is Better Than a Contract

They're budget-friendly and give you full flexibility. Here's our take on the ways prepaid mobile phones can be better than a contract.

Nowadays, it’s practically impossible to get by without a mobile phone. And while there’s a lot of choice out there, it can be difficult to decide on the right mobile plan for you. Clearly, there isn’t just one best solution. But there’s one option that gets little attention, although it can be a great choice. We’re talking about prepaid mobile plans. Don’t be fooled by the little coverage they get - prepaid mobile services are just as strong as ever. A recent survey revealed that in the GCC about 76% of phone users are on a prepaid plan. In the US, this share was 32%. To know whether a prepaid phone is right for you, let’s take a look at how prepaid phones work. And how they can be better than having a contract with a mobile carrier.

1. A prepaid mobile plan helps you control your spending

When you get a prepaid SIM card, you top it up with call credit, data, or a bundle, and you use that at your pace until it runs out. This gives you the freedom to plan your spending ahead of time, instead of getting an unpleasant surprise when the monthly phone bill arrives. It also gives you the freedom to adjust your spending based on your cell phone usage. Are you expecting not to use your phone as much? Don’t top-up for a month or two. With a mobile contract, you’d have to keep paying either way. To keep your prepaid number active, all you need to do is send a text, make a call, or use mobile data once every 3-6 months (depending on your mobile carrier). That’s perfect if you’re not a big phone user, but still need a number to stay connected. Check out our blog for more tips on smart spending.

2. A prepaid mobile is a smart choice for kids and teenagers

Remember when talking and texting with your friends was almost a full-time activity? What you probably don’t remember are the phone bills mom and dad had to pick up as a result. Giving a teenager a mobile contract can be tricky. Instead, a prepaid mobile plan can help teach kids and teenagers responsible spending. It can also spare you from unpleasant surprises. There are various prepaid plans out there - you can choose data only (because who calls anymore?) or a combination of call credit, texting, and mobile data. In all cases, your teenager will need to keep track of their phone usage, and make sure they don’t run out of minutes or data before they’re supposed to. Browse global mobile prepaid plans.

3. A prepaid mobile plan gives you flexibility anytime, anywhere

If you’re on a mobile contract, you know you won’t run out of call credit. But you don’t always know how much you’ll be charged at the end of a month, especially when travelling. While abroad, you might (unintentionally) incur unexpected costs due to roaming charges or international mobile data usage. With a prepaid phone, you don’t need to worry. You can never spend more than the call credit you have. Need more? Just top up. But what happens when you run out of credit at night? What if you need to top up your mobile while abroad? After all, who knows where to buy prepaid phone cards in another country? Probably no one, because you don’t need to buy mobile top-up from a physical store anymore. Now you can simply do it online on a platform like Recharge.com. And if you’ve run out of mobile data, just find a spot with Wi-Fi, and you’ll be topped up in a minute. The great thing about a platform like Recharge.com is that you can top up any prepaid cell phone in the world, from anywhere. And you can pay with your favorite payment method and currency - so even if you’re on another continent, you can still pay as conveniently as back home. For the easiest mobile top-up experience ever, download the Recharge.com app (for iOS or Android). That way you’ll always have call credit and data at your fingertips. Read more about the Recharge.com mobile top-up app.

An extra advantage of prepaid mobile plans

Clearly, a prepaid phone gives you a lot of flexibility. But there’s also another opportunity it creates, which mobile contracts cannot. If your friends and family use a prepaid mobile plan, you can easily (and instantly) support them by topping up their phone. On recharge.com, you can easily send mobile recharge to someone else. Simply enter the phone number you wish to top up - whatever the location or mobile operator. That’s possibly the easiest way to help your loved ones when they need it. You can of course also send money home, so they can pay their mobile phone bills or other expenses. But money transfers usually take time and cost extra money. Recharging a prepaid mobile is a matter of seconds.

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