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How will the paysafecard changes impact you?

How does paysafecard work in 2021? All the changes listed. Need to use a paysafecard account or can you pay directly with PIN? Read this guide to find out.

The paysafecard rules have changed. If you use paysafecard, or follow the news about it, you might have already seen or heard something about it. In some case you now need to create a paysafecard account. We can understand if this raises some questions for you. Can you still pay with a paysafecard PIN without an account? Is your privacy still protected?

To clarify it all a bit, we've listed the changes and what they mean for you below.

What changed exactly?

You can pay with paysafecard in a couple of ways. You can create a paysafecard account and use that to pay. If you're already doing that nothing will change for you. You can also pay directly with your 16-digit paysafecard code. You'll be able to keep doing that for most websites.

As of 14 September 2021, if you want to pay with paysafecard for less than €50, you can only do so on gambling ang gaming websites. For all other websites, you'll have to create a paysafecard account. In that case you won't be able to pay directly with your 16-digit PIN code. You'll still be able to use your PIN to add credit to your paysafecard account and pay using that.

Nothing's changing for you unless you use paysafecard to pay for less than €50 on websites unrelated to gambling and gaming.

Why are these changes happening?

These changes are mandated by paysafecard. As a reseller we have to abide by them. This does not change your Recharge.com experience. You can still buy your paysafecard codes the way you are used to. With the same payment methods and the same privacy.

These changes are implemented by paysafecard to make paying with the payment method even safer. The account and registration process are meant to help keep you safe.

But that's not all. A paysafecard account has other benefits for users as well. You'll have an overview of all your payments and active PINs. That way you can quickly check your current paysafecard balance. You can also easily see how much you've paid, when and where.

How do these changes impact you?

Whether or not something is changing for you depends on how you're using paysafecard. There are two things to keep in mind. Do you use paysafecard to gamble online, or for anything else? And are you making payments for more or less than €50?

Do you use paysafecard to gamble online for less than €50?

Nothing changes for you. You will still be able to pay using your paysafecard PIN.

Do you use paysafecard to gamble online for more than €50?

Nothing changes for you. You will still need to make a paysafecard account for these types of payments, the same way you have until now.

Do you use paysafecard to pay for something else?

In that case you'll have to create a paysafecard account. With an account paying with paysafecard will be safer than ever. Your privacy remains guaranteed. Want to know how to create a paysafecard account? You'll find instructions further down.

Have an account and bought a paysafecard PIN from us? You can easily add that PIN to your account and use it to pay with these steps below:

  1. Make sure you have created a mypaysafecard account or create one here.

  2. Go to the website where you would like to pay with paysafecard.

  3. Choose “pay with paysafecard account” and fill in your paysafecard login name and password.

  4. Enter the 16-digit PIN that you've received from us.

  5. You paid!

How to create a paysafecard account

Want to create a paysafecard account? Go to this page and follow the steps. Created your paysafecard account? Then you can buy your paysafecard codes the way you're used to right here on Recharge.com.

Alternatives for paysafecard

There are many other ways to securely pay online. Recharge.com has many other prepaid credit cards on offer. They all have their own area of speciality. Whatever you use it for, we're sure we have the perfect prepaid credit card for you. You can find every card we have on offer here, as well as explanations on how to redeem them.