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About Carte PCS

About Carte PCS

Want to enjoy the benefits of a credit card without any of the drawbacks? Are you concerned about your online privcay? Or do you want to use a creditcard without ever overspending? Then Carte PCS prepaid codes are perfect for you! With this prepaid creditcard you can do anything that you can do with a normal Mastercard. As long as you've added enough credit. To use these codes, you need a Carte PCS card. These are currently only available in France. If you have a Carte PCS card, you can top it up across Europe on Recharge.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Carte PCS code?

    You can redeem your Carte PCS code online, in the app, or by sms:


    1. Visit the PCS website.

    2. Go to Dashboard, Recharger ma carte, and enter the code, click Envoyer to continue.

    App: Go to the PCS App, log in, tap Recharger and select Coupon to enter the code. SMS: Send RECH followed by a space and the 10-digit recharge code and the last 4 digits of your PCS MasterCard to the following number:

    • 0601787878 (BLACK PCS)

    • 0757575555 (PCS CHROME)

    • 0750090000 (PCS INFINITY)

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  • How can I contact the Carte PCS Customer Service?

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