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Working abroad? This is the simple prepaid top-up you've been looking for

Call home in minutes with international prepaid top up for call credit and data. Perfect if you're abroad.

Whatever your reasons are, it's easier than ever to work abroad. Travel is cheaper and it is no longer always necessary to have a work visa. If you're an EU citizen you can work and live anywhere in the EU for instance.

It's not all perfect however. Calling home often still is more complicated than it should be. Prepaid SIM cards are a useful solution, but buying a physical prepaid card can be seriously inconvenient. Maybe the shops aren't open when you need them, or they no longer stock the card you need. Not to mention, if you're using your Irish prepaid SIM card, you're unlikely to find a top up card for it in a physical shop abroad. But don't worry! This is no longer a problem. With Recharge.com prepaid top up is easier than ever.

Whether you're travelling from place to place like a bona-fide globe-trotter, or working abroad to send money back home. The Recharge way of international top up is perfect for you. Read on to find out why.

Top up when and where you want to

We're open 24/7 and available wherever you need us. Need to top up in the middle of the night? Or maybe you notice you're low on call credit on the way to work and need it now. No problem, we've got your back whenever and wherever you need to top up.

Pay for your prepaid top up the way you want to

You can pay with many different secure payment methods on Recharge.com. That way you can always pay with the method that is most convenient for you. Want to pay with PayPal from anywhere in the world? You can.

Ready to call home in minutes

It's that fast and that simple. Select your provider and choose the amount you need. Enter your email address and pay. Once that's done, you'll get your code in your email address in 30 seconds.

Using the Recharge.com app (for iOS or Android) makes it even easier to set up repeat orders. That way you're ready to call home even quicker. You can find more benefits of the prepaid top up app below.

Send prepaid top up to friends and family

Maybe you don't just want to top up your own phone, but those of your friends and family abroad as well. With Recharge.com that becomes easy. All you need is their phone number or email address. Find out how to top up someone else's phone.

Send call credit and data across the globe, or down the street. Wherever your friends and family live, it's fast safe and simple to buy and send prepaid top up on Recharge.com.

The Recharge.com app: for even more convenience

The Recharge.com experience is great for those working abroad, but the app is even better. With it you can get your call credit and data in just a few taps. And that's not all.

Set order reminders - Need prepaid top up every month, or once every two weeks? With the app you can set reminders. That way you'll never forget to top up your phone.

Fast Checkout - If you're ordering the same thing over and over again, it gets tedious to have to look the product up, select it and move to checkout. With the app you can repeat orders quickly from the main menu.

Interested in the app and want to check it out? You can find it in the App store or in the Google Play Store.