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How to choose the best phones for teens and your budget?
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The best phones for teens: All you need to know

Pick an affordable smartphone for your teenager and educate them about social media, expenses and screen time. Limit costs with a prepaid SIM.


How can I buy Neosurf with PayPal?

At recharge.com, you can buy Neosurf with PayPal, or choose from many other safe payment methods. Shop and play your way with Neosurf and recharge.com.

Money-saving tips. 5 ways to reduce expenses-01

Money-saving tips: 5 ways to reduce expenses

Use our handy tips to discover how clever budgeting can help you save money. From using budgeting apps to cutting costs on household bills.

Screentime - What it is and how to limit it-01

Screen time: What it is and how to limit it

What is screen time and how can you limit it? The average screen time for children, teens and adults is too high. How does this affect us?

Teaching your child to use a mobile phone safely - Here's where you start-01

Mobile safety for tweens and teens: All you need to know

Teach teens to use smartphones safely with this guide. Learn about mobile safety risks and how to avoid them.


The Best prepaid credit cards for students

Need a student credit card for online, offline or international use? We have the right prepaid cards for you.

Most widely accepted methods on sports betting websites

Most widely accepted methods on sports betting websites

What are the safest payment methods for sports betting sites? Read this quick guide to find out. Protect your personal and financial information online.

Globe-trotter +This+is+the+simple+international+top-up+you've+been+looking+for.-01

Working abroad? This is the simple prepaid top-up you've been looking for

Call home in minutes with international prepaid top up for call credit and data. Perfect if you're abroad.

Why we overspend (and how to avoid it)

Why we overspend (and how to avoid it)

Want to buy less? Start by understanding the psychological mechanisms that cause overspending. And continue with our tips to avoid it.

how expensive is mobile data in ireland

Mobile data prices in Ireland compared to other EU countries

Are you paying a good price for your mobile data? Find out how mobile data prices in Ireland compare to those across Europe and who offers the best price.

3 easy and affordable ways to top up your prepaid SIM card

Top up your prepaid SIM? 3 Cheap and easy ways

Find easy and affordable ways to top up your prepaid SIM. Use this guide to find the most convenient place for you. Topping up should be quick and easy.


Here's why Neosurf is a great prepaid money card

Curious about prepaid money cards? Neosurf ticket is a simple one to start with. Here are our main reasons why, including tips on where you can buy Neosurf.

How+to+spend+less+on+your+mobile+bill -01

How to spend less on your mobile phone bill?

Want to spend less on your mobile phone bill? Use these tips and shave money off your mobile phone cost! Using your mobile phone should be cheaper.

Which+international+prepaid+mobile+plan+is+the+best+for+you -01

What is the best international phone plan for you?

Get the best prepaid mobile plan for you. Travelling a lot? Or want to call your friends and family back home? Use this guide to compare plans in Ireland.


How will the paysafecard changes impact you?

How does paysafecard work in 2021? All the changes listed. Need to use a paysafecard account or can you pay directly with PIN? Read this guide to find out.


Where to buy a prepaid credit card at no extra costs?

Looking for the best place to buy a prepaid credit card? Check out your options in this guide. Compare the quickest and easiest ways to buy prepaid cards.

Roaming Europa

Mobile roaming outside of Ireland in 2021

What do you need to know about roaming outside of Ireland in 2021? How can you keep phone bills at bay when going abroad? We'll tell you!

app launch article

The Recharge.com app has arrived

Worldwide top-up for phones, gift cards, gaming, and prepaid credit.


The benefits of a credit card without having one | recharge.com

No credit card? No Problem! Use this guide to the alternatives for using a credit card and you can enjoy the benefits of a credit card without having one.


How can I pay online without a bank account?

Learn about all the payment methods you can use to shop online without a bank account. From prepaid credit cards to gift cards, we review all your options.


Where to buy prepaid credit cards with cash (and why you don't have to)

Looking to buy prepaid credit with cash? Find out where you can do that in this guide. Protect your privacy and anonymity online with a prepaid credit card.

How to top up for someone else -blogpost

How can I top up a phone for someone else?

Looking to top up someone else's call credit? Find out how with our simple to follow guide. Give your kids the call credit they need to stay connected.


How to choose the best mobile plan for your child

Should you get a contract for your kid's mobile phone, or is it better to stick to a pay as you go plan? See the two options compared in terms of price, flexibility, and parental control.

Online scam

The main ingredients of an online scam and how to recognise them

A guide to staying safe on the internet. Protect your personal details and finances online. Recognise online scams and prevent yourself from falling for them.

Kids mobile phone

What age should parents give their child a phone?

When do other parents actually give their children mobile phones? Here's the data, and how to tell if your child is ready for a mobile phone, too.