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Toneo First

About Toneo First

Want to enjoy the benefits of a credit card without any of the drawbacks? Are you concerned about your online privacy? Or do you want to use a creditcard without ever overspending? Then Toneo First prepaid codes are perfect for you! With this prepaid creditcard you can do anything that you can do with a normal Mastercard. As long as you've added enough credit. To use these codes, you need a Toneo First cards. These are currently only available in France. If you have a Toneo First card, you can top it up across Europe on Recharge.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I redeem my Toneo First code?

    Once you've purchased your Toneo First code on Recharge.com, you can redeem it by sms or online:

    Redeem by SMS

    1. Send RCH followed by a comma and the account number (starting with 241 ), followed by a comma and the top-up number (10 digits), followed by a comma and the amount to top-up. Example: RCH, [account number], [Tonéo voucher], [top-up amount]

    2. The credit is now topped up on your account.

    Redeem online: Go to the online redemption page

  • What can I use my Toneo First for?

    Toneo First is a prepaid Mastercard. With it, you enjoy similar advantages to those of an ordinary Mastercard. You can:

    • Make withdrawals

    • Make purchases in stores, online or offline,

    • Transfer money to another Toneo card,

    • Transfer money to your Toneo card, including your salary or benefits.

    Unlike a regular bank card, you do not need to provide your personal information and you are not attached to a bank.

  • I was asked to buy a Toneo First code here. Is this normal?

    Did a delivery guy call you? Did you receive an unexpected verification email? Have you sold or ordered an item online? If you are here because someone you don't know has asked you to purchase this code, we recommend that you be extra careful . Online fraudsters often masquerade as trusted people or organizations. We unfortunately won't be able to help you if they get their hands on your code.

  • What kind of account do I need to redeem my Toneo First code?

    To redeem this product, you will need a Toneo First account and a phsycial Toneo First Mastercard. Buy a Toneo First Mastercard here if you live in France.

  • What can be purchased through the product?

    The product can be topped up on a Toneo First Mastercard that can be bought if you live in France. The Toneo First card can be used for all Mastercard Payments.

  • How do you buy a Toneo First Mastercard?

    If you live in France, you can purchase a Toneo First Mastercard here.

  • How long is my Toneo First code valid for?

    Your Toneo First voucher does not expire.

  • Can I purchase an Toneo First code with PayPal?

    Yes! You can pay on Recharge.com with many trusted payment methods, including PayPal.

  • How can I contact the Customer Service of Toneo?

    You can reach the Toneo customer service by phone or online. Phone: Call 01 70 55 78 01 Online: Use their contact form.

Terms & Conditions

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