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About BITSA Germany

BITSA is a handy virtual prepaid Visa card. Use it to pay online and offline where Visa is accepted. That means on websites like Amazon, Zalando, and even on your PlayStation and Nintendo. When you buy BITSA card it is not linked to a bank account, so you don’t have to share bank information. And buy BITSA voucher codes to recharge BITSA cards! Take control of your spending by choosing only the amount you desire! Purchasing a BITSA voucher and doing a recharge BITSA transaction on Recharge.com is a breeze:

  1. Choose the BITSA prepaid card product and select your desired amount.
  2. Provide your e-mail address.
  3. Opt for your preferred payment method for the BITSA card voucher – whether it's PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, or another option.
  4. In just 30 seconds, you'll find your exclusive BITSA code in your e-mail inbox.

Ready to spend your BITSA credit? Select BITSA Visa as your payment method.

Looking for the perfect gift? Search no further – Buy BITSA credit today. It will allow your loved ones to enjoy their favorite online experiences worry-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I redeem my Bitsa prepaid code?

    You can redeem your BITSA code through the website or App in a few simple steps:

    Redeem online:

    1. Go to the BITSA website and log in your BITSA Account

    2. Select your virtual credit card

    3. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

    4. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

    5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

    6. Recharge is completed.

    Redeem in-app:

    1. Open the App, click on your virtual credit card. To create a BITSA Card, click on the + in the top right corner

    2. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

    3. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

    4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

    5. Recharge is completed.

    To pay using the BITSA Prepaid Card, type in the credit card number and CVC wherever you want to pay with VISA. If you have a physical BITSA Card, you can use it to pay in store.

    You will need to live in the European Economic Area to create a BITSA account. 

  • What can I use my Bitsa prepaid code for?

    You can use BITSA code to top up BITSA cards, you can use a BITSA card almost anywhere that accepts VISA cards. Online shopping, in store payments, money transfers are all possible, both off and online.

  • What is BITSA?

    A digital BITSA prepaid card allows you to make purchases online across a wide variety of shops, betting, gambling, and games sites, conveniently and without a credit card or having to provide your personal information.
  • How does BITSA work?

    Your digital BITSA Visa can be spent offline and online in retail shops, games, betting, and gambling sites that accept our prepaid cards as a form of payment. Purchase a BITSA voucher and recharge BITSA easily on Recharge.com from anywhere in the world. Then just shop and play without ever having to share your personal data!

  • How can I recharge BITSA?

    Recharge BITSA credit cards from wherever you are: the process is easy! Follow these steps when you want to buy BITSA credit card recharge vouchers:

    1. Select the BITSA voucher product and amount you require and fill in your e-mail address.
    2. Opt for your preferred mode of payment. There's a lot to choose from – PayPal, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa and many more.
    3. In only 30 seconds, you'll find your unique BITSA code in your inbox.
  • How to pay with a BITSA prepaid card?

    Ready to make a purchase? All you need to do is enter the BITSA card code on the partner site where you’re making the purchase.
  • Is a BITSA card safe?

    Acquiring a BITSA prepaid card and purchasing a digital top-up voucher on Recharge.com is not just a straightforward process; it also prioritizes safety and security. Upon purchasing credit, a code will be promptly delivered to you by e-mail. To guarantee instant reception of your code, please verify that the e-mail address you provide during the voucher purchase process is accurate.
  • What can I use my BITSA voucher code for?

    A BITSA Visa prepaid card is an acceptable payment method for a range of products and services offline and in online shops, games, betting and gambling sites, and more. The BITSA voucher is used to recharge BITSA cards.

  • How can I check my BITSA balance?

    To see your current balance, enter your card code on the BITSA website.

  • Do I have to spend my BITSA prepaid card balance all at once?

    You don't need to spend your BITSA VISA balance all at once. You can use it toward future purchases and recharge BITSA should your next purchase be more than your current balance.

  • How long is my BITSA voucher code valid for?

    The voucher credit will expire 12 months after your last BITSA recharge.
  • Can I buy BITSA prepaid card vouchers with PayPal?

    A BITSA voucher can be purchased with PayPal, Google Pay, debit card, credit card, and more.
  • I was asked to buy a BITSA voucher code. Is this normal?

    If you've received an unexpected request to buy a BITSA prepaid card voucher or spend your BITSA credit, please be careful. Fraudsters may be trying to take advantage. Unfortunately, BITSA will not be able to assist you should this occur.
  • How can I contact the BITSA customer service?

    To contact us please visit the BITSA customer support page.

Terms & Conditions

By using this service, you consent to the terms and conditions of Bitsa.

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