Verizon prepaid cards USA

Getting a Verizon prepaid refill can be done quickly at Verizon is the second largest mobile provider of the USA with nearly 100 million customers. Verizon has a partnership with Vodafone in order to offer the best services to its customers, together. Prepay, the Verizon Wireless prepaid service, offers a large number of options to assure maximum quality to the customers. Refill is an automatic service at, contrary to Verizon prepaid cards. With this service your prepaid phone credit will be automatically recharged, so you can call and text your friends again in no time!

How long is my Verizon phone credit valid?

Verizon phone credit has limited validity. After a certain period it cannot be used any more. The length of this period depends on the refill amount. The higher the amount, the longer the validity. Exact validity terms can be found on the Verizon website.

How do I contact the Verizon customer service?

  • E-mail address:
  • Telephone number: (888) 294-6804
  • Website: