Ultra Mobile recharge USA

Getting an Ultra mobile recharge can be done in a fast and safe way due to Recharge.com. You can easily refill the Ultra mobile credit for yourself or friends and family in the United States. The objective of Ultra mobile is connecting people by means of useful and affordable mobile solutions. It does not only aim at creating connections within America, but also to the rest of the world. In order to realize this, Ultra Mobile offers various Monthly Plans including services such as talk, global text, data, and international calling.

How do I check my Ultra Mobile credit balance?

You can request your current Ultra Mobile phone credit balance by sending a text message containing the word BALANCE to 7770. Then, you get an insight into the remaining Ultra Mobile phone credit.

How long is my Ultra Mobile credit valid?

The prepaid plan selected by you defines the amount of phone credit per month. In principle, validity is limited to one month. After this month, you need to renew your contract, after which another prepaid plan is agreed for a month. If the account is not renewed, the account becomes inactive and after a while it is blocked. More information can be found on the Ultra mobile website.

How do I contact the Ultra Mobile customer service?