What do we do?

Could you or your family and friends use some call credit? In that case, Recharge.com is the service for you! With over 400 carriers in more than 140 countries you can choose the carrier you need. But how does this refill thing work exactly?

How does it work?

1. Choose country: In what country is the cell phone you want to refill?


Enter number: Depending on the country you choose in step 1. You’ll be asked to enter the recipient’s number. Why is this? For some countries a direct refill takes place, for other countries you’ll receive a code per mail. With this code you can refill the call credit.


2. Choose product: We offer different amounts and carriers, how much credit and which carrier do you need?



3. Confirm & Pay: Make sure you fill in all the details we need! Don’t worry about your safety, we will protect your personal details.

In just 3 steps you’ve refilled the call credit. Easy does it! Would you like to refill your call credit or that of family and friends? Don’t hesitate and refill now!

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