Recharge Airtel Nigeria

Getting an Airtel prepaid recharge for Nigeria can take place in a safe and fast way at Originally, Airtel Nigeria is an Indian company providing telecommunication solutions in many countries in Africa. The company offers various prepaid plans to Nigerian consumers. The prepaid plans can be used by consumers who want to make phone calls without having to sign a contract. Payment is done beforehand, so you always know where you stand.

How do I check my Airtel Nigeria credit balance?

You can check your remaining Airtel Nigeria phone credit anywhere and anytime you like by entering *123# into the mobile phone for which you want to check the phone credit. Then, you can see your remaining Airtel phone credit.

How long is my Airtel Nigeria phone credit valid?

Airtel Nigeria phone credit has unlimited validity, as long as you use the prepaid phone at least once every 90 days. This means making a phone call or sending a text message using the mobile phone and the accompanying SIM card.

How do I contact the Airtel Nigeria customer service?